Marvel fans lose it after discovering Falcon and the Winter Soldier star is gay

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Marvel fans are rejoicing after discovering that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor Erin Kellyman is gay.

Kellyman, who previously starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story and played Maya Stone in the BBC One series Life, has become a Marvel fan favourite thanks to her starring role as Karli Morgenthau, the leader of the new supervillain group the Flag Smashers, in the Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Now, she’s become an LGBT+ icon after fans spotted that Kellyman is in fact gay and in a relationship with girlfriend Jordan O’Coy, with the pair appearing in a slew of heartwarming Instagram pictures.


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Queer Marvel fans who have been binge-watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and revelling in Kellyman’s stellar performance took to Twitter to express their support and joy at discovering an openly LGBT+ actor in the Marvel universe.

One fan wrote they couldn’t believe they only ‘just found out Erin Kellyman has a girlfriend”, sharing two pictures of the adorable couple.

One Twitter user said she had also just discovered Kellman is gay and the “gay vibes have been confirmed”. She said: “The gays keep winning”.

Another person said finding out Erin Kellyman is gay is the “best news” they had heard “all week”. They added: “SHES ONE OF US YALL WE WIN”.

Many fans were revelling in how charming Erin Kellyman and her girlfriend are. One person shared a series of pictures of the two, adding the couple is “so f*****g adorable”.

Another said they were “melting” after discovering the two were in a relationship.

One Twitter user declared Kellyman and O’Coy are “one of the most beautiful couples” they had ever seen.

The news that fans had just discovered Kellyman’s sexuality eventually reached the actor herself.

She shared a post on her Instagram stories of her alongside O’Coy with the caption: “Don’t think we didn’t see Twitter… idk why it took you gays so long”.

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This reaction made its way back to the Twitter verse, and one person said the interaction is “literally the funniest thing any MCU actor has ever done in the past decade”.