PS5’s first major system update adds USB storage as well as brand-new social features

PlayStation 5

In the first major software update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) external storage is now finally possible.

The PS5’s internal SSD only has 667.2GB of storage and, at present, cannot be replaced.

That’s still the case, however the new PS5 update means that gamers rapidly running out space can transfer games to compatible external USB drives and increase capacity.

The SSD is a major selling point of the console, allowing for vastly improved loading times. As a result, games must be played directly from that drive.

That means while external drives can expand storage, games will still need to be swapped from one drive to another to manage space and play games on the console, but the process is quicker than re-downloading games from the store – a welcome improvement to the PlayStation 5 software.

Other additions are also coming with the PS5 update.

New social features allow more PS4 and PS5 gamers to play together. Cross-generation Share Play is now an option, meaning PS5 players can share their screen to PS4 players and even allow them to test games themselves.

The Request To Join function will also now appear on both consoles, so you can easily jump into games together across generations.

Other improvements to the software allow for better control and personalisation. Game updates can now be pre-downloaded to your console when on rest mode (if supported by developers); the Game Base menu allows you to easily switch between parties and friends; game chat can be quickly disabled or volumes adjusted (great if you want to silence trolls); and you can search for games in your library or customise the menu to hide them from view.

A new stats screen has also been added to Trophies, to see a summary of your progress at a glance.

There’s no mention yet on an improvement to the PSN Store UI, however.

Lastly, there are new features on the PlayStation App so you can connect easily with your PlayStation 5: manage storage, join multiplayer sessions, and sort and filter products in the store, all from your phone.

The app is available to download for free.

For more details, visit the PlayStation blog.