Jeffree Star in ‘excruciating pain’ after flipping his Rolls Royce in ‘severe’ car accident

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has been left in ‘excruciating pain’ after flipping his Rolls Royce in a ‘severe’ car accident with his best friend.

The controversial makeup blogger was on a drive with best friend Daniel Lucas in Natrona County, Wyoming, when the car hit black ice.

On Friday (16 April), a representative for Starr posted a photo of the pair in hospital on his Twitter account, and wrote: “A few hours ago Jeffree and Daniel were in a severe car accident and the car flipped 3 times after hitting black ice.

“We will update you all when the doctor gives us more info. So thankful they are both alive.”

Later the same day, Starr himself tweeted to give more details on what had happened: “This morning was one of the scariest moments of our entire lives. I’m so grateful to be here still.

“I’m in excruciating pain because part of my back is broken and I have vertebrae fractures on my spine. My doctor said it will take a few months but I should make a full recovery.”

“My best friend Daniel has internal injuries and because he has survived colon cancer three times, he’s having complications with his organs and they’re monitoring him 24/7.

“We’ll know more soon. Thank you to every single person checking on us.”

By the next day, Starr had been discharged from hospital, but Lucas was still in hospital suffering from complications related to his injuries.

Posting a photo of himself by Lucas’ bedside, Starr posted an update and addressed hate he had been receiving on social media.

“So thankful for everyone’s out pouring love,” he wrote on Twitter.

“To everyone who wished death upon Daniel and I, we pray you find happiness within yourself.

“Today he’s having more tests done and might need surgery.”

Jeffree Star said his Rolls Royce “saved” their lives.

Jeffree Starr later shared photos of his dented Rolls Royce, and said he was grateful it was “built with highly reinforced steel because it saved our lives”.

According to The Independent, the Wyoming Highway Patrol said that Starr was driving the car when the crash took place on Hat Six Road, and that both men had been wearing seatbelts.

The highway patrol added that Starr and Lucas were being treated at Wyoming Medical Center, and that an investigation into the crash was ongoing.