Reneé Rapp shot her shot with Rachel McAdams and it was adorable

Rachel McAdams and Reneé Rapp

You’re not the only one with a secret crush on Regina George. Reneé Rapp saw an opportunity to shoot her shot with the one and only Rachel McAdams and she took it.

Rapp, 24, is in the midst of one of the most iconic press tours in recent history, delighting fans with her no-filter interviews and off-the-cuff call-outs while she promotes Mean Girls.

From ruthlessly calling out comedian Jo Koy for “making a bunch of jokes about women” at the Golden Globes to proudly defending Megan Thee Stallion and threatening anyone who “tries her”, it’s been a wild ride for Rapp – and people are loving her brutal honesty.

Reneé Rapp attends the Global Premiere of Mean Girls in New York on 8 January 2024
Reneé Rapp plays Regina George in the Mean Girls 2024 remake. (Jason Mendez/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

The saga continued over the weekend when Rapp, who plays Regina George in the remake of the 2004 comedy, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and made a proposal to McAdams.

When Colbert asked her if she had seen the original Mean Girls film, the pop singer and former Broadway star replied: “Of course!”

The Late Show host then asked Rapp if she had any notes for McAdams – AKA the O.G Regina George.

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“Any notes for her?” Rapp asked, baffled, before suggesting: “Date me?”

As the studio audience applauded Rapp’s valid request, Colbert told her: “She might be watching, you never know!”

While McAdams may have seen Rapp try to shoot her shot, the chances of Regina George dating Regina George are fairly slim.

As cool as it would be, McAdams has been dating screenwriter Jamie Linden, with whom she shares two children, since 2016.

The Oscar nominee did sing Rapp’s praises in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, and seems more than happy to see the bisexual pop singer take over her iconic Mean Girls role.

“I don’t think she can do any wrong,” McAdams told the publication. 

“She is amazing. She’s already got me beat with that voice. I’m just excited to see her incarnation. It’s such a great character. It’s so much fun to play. I hope she has a great time with it. I can’t wait to see it.”

Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls
Reneé Rapp’s only note for Rachel McAdams is: “Date me.” (Mean Girls/IMDb)

Reacting to McAdams’ praise, Rapp raved: “She’s so cool. She’s so sick. I saw this and I was so geeked. I love her. I’m obsessed with her.”

Rapp has taken every opportunity to gush over McAdams during the Mean Girls press tour, though she admits that she’s putting quite a different spin on Regina George.

Speaking to People, she raved: “And she’s also just so – she just is so classy, which I actually find is probably the biggest difference between the two of us. I feel like she’s very kept and, like, ta-da-da, and I feel very relaxed and say whatever comes to mind.”

Mean Girls is out in cinemas now in the US, and on 19 January in the UK.

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