Among Us is finally coming to PS4 and PS5 later this year with a Ratchet & Clank twist

Among Us Ratchet PS5

Among Us fans across the globe couldn’t contain their excitement last night as the announcement of all announcements was made during PlayStation’s State of Play showcase.

Originally finding fame as a mobile-only game, Among Us will now be playable on both PS4 and PS5 later this year.

The popular social deception game takes place on a space-themed map occupying four to ten crewmates (with one or two being imposters). Players must attempt to identify the imposters while avoiding being killed and completing assigned tasks.

The announcement also came with two treats for eager fans. The first being that Among Us on both PS4 and PS5 will have crossplay with all other platforms and will feature everything from the latest version of the game, including the new Airship map.

And the second announcement is possibly the most exciting for PlayStation owners yet. Exclusive Ratchet & Clank content will be available, including a skin, hat and pet. This is a vast improvement on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game, which were announced last December with no mention of new skins or exclusive content.

Among Us is an incredibly popular game, especially among the LGBT+ community. Earlier this year, YouTuber Stan – also known as worldofxtra –  tried to use Among Us to find a boyfriend in a hilarious video. Spoiler alert: it did not go well.

“I wanna play Among Us. I want a boyfriend. Put two and two together: I’m going to find a boyfriend on the game,” he claimed.

During one match, Stan calls an emergency meeting to announce that he’s single. The other players were hardly impressed.

The closest Stan came was with a player named Marcus and things looked promising. Stan professed his love and asked if they should marry, to which Marcus replied “are you boy?”

“Please don’t hate crime me,” said Stan. Shortly after, he wasn’t just ejected for being sus, he was banned from the room.

Better look next time, Stan.

Among Us is available on mobile, iPad, Nintendo Switch and PC.