Outcry over ‘menace’ Caitlyn Jenner’s backwards views on trans athletes: ‘She doesn’t represent trans people’

Caitlyn Jenner: Being transgender is what made me an Olympic champion

George Takei has branded Caitlyn Jenner a “menace” after she stated her opposition to trans athletes competing as their correct gender.

Speaking to TMZ on Saturday (1 May), the former Olympian – who is currently fighting to become California’s next governor – said she opposes “biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school”.

“It just isn’t fair, and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools,” Caitlyn Jenner said.

George Takei condemned Jenner for her comments on Twitter on Sunday (2 May).

“Caitlyn Jenner is no friend of the LGBTQ community. Don’t call her an activist. She’s a menace,” the Star Trek icon wrote.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been widely criticised by members of the LGBT+ community for her anti-trans comments.

Caitlyn Jenner condemned as a ‘self-loathing, vapid fame-whore’

Trans musician Plastic Martyr hit out at Jenner for abusing her “privilege and platform”.

“Caitlyn Jenner opposes trans girls competing on female sports teams…. Excuse me while the trans community take the knife out of our back,” Martyr tweeted.

“This is why it’s important to #SayNoToJenner. Because she is a self-loathing, vapid fame-whore that abuses her privilege and platform.”

Countless others have criticised the reality television star for her incendiary comments – with many questioning why she is falling on the side of Republican legislators who are trying to stop trans youth from playing sports when she herself is trans.

Others have also pointed out that Jenner’s comments starkly contradict her stated position just one year ago.

Speaking on Outsports podcast The Trans Sporter Room in April 2020, Jenner said: “I think every trans person, if they’re into athletics, should have an opportunity to compete and to improve themselves. I think sports is such a great way to learn a lot about yourself.

“And yeah, I want to, hopefully they’ll have the opportunity in the future to do whatever they can do. I’m all for it. I’m all for it,” Jenner said at the time.

Jenner’s sudden change in perspective comes as numerous states advance cruel anti-trans laws that seek to exclude trans young people from sport entirely.

Trans sports bans have already been pushed through in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Dakota, Alabama and West Virginia, while governors in North Dakota and Kansas promised to veto similar bills.

There are currently more than 250 anti-LGBT+ bills making their way through state legislatures in the US, according to the Human Rights Campaign.