The best, cutest and most popular trans lingerie available from independent sellers like Etsy

There’s good news if you’re looking for cute panties, because there is some amazing, unique and colourful lingerie out there for trans women.

Of course you can get underwear from a number of major high street retailers, but they mostly cater to cis customers.

This means trans women might struggle to navigate underwear and lingerie sections while trying to find the right fit for their body.

With this in mind, perhaps the best place to find underwear that’s dedicated to trans customers is independent businesses via the likes of Etsy.

One seller named Fluid Agenda, says on their page: “Living as a pre-op trans woman I know how annoying it is having to re-adjust constantly.

“I took all that experience and knowledge and transpired it into designs that do all that I need them to smooth, flatten, hold, lift and conceal.”

They also add that they wanted to create lingerie “all whilst being cute and allowing me to feel amazing.”

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and affordable underwear and lingerie available for trans women below. If there are any other sellers you particularly recommend and think we should cover in future articles, please do drop us a line ([email protected]).

We also recently wrote about sex toy sellers that have specific sections for trans bodies – you can read all about it on PinkNews.

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A plain black tucking thong from Etsy. (FluidAgenda/Etsy)

This simple black gaff thong is from an independent seller on Etsy. It’s described as being a ‘more high waisted style’ that’s designed to cover the hip region. It’s also anti-slip with the seller saying they have, “first hand experience I know how annoying it is constantly having to pull everything up or having to deal with elastic rolling down.”

The thong has a five-star rating and it’s priced at £18 and you can get it from Etsy here.

These gaffs with an Aztec band are available from Etsy. (Stripitback/Etsy)

If you’re after something with a bit more personality then you can get this colourful aztec-style banded gaff from a UK-based Etsy store. They’re priced at £15.50 each and come in sizes 24-40 inches, but customers can email the seller if they’re after a bigger size.

You can choose from blue, black and red and they have five-star reviews from more than 300 customers. To get them head to Etsy here.

A gaff thong inspired by the trans flag colours. (Etsy/FluidAgenda)

You can get this gaff thong with a design inspired by the trans flag colours. It’s from seller Fluid Agenda on Etsy, who also creates the non-slip thong mentioned earlier. They’re high waisted, made from cotton for breathable comfort and are elastic for comfort against the skin. This pair is priced at £18 but they’ve proven popular with only a handful left. To get them head to Etsy here.

These are part of one seller’s huge collection of handmade lingerie. (Etsy/SmalzByEm)

These are from seller SmalzByEm on Etsy who has a store full of handmade products for trans people. This includes panties and bralettes with designs from polkadot to unicorn. The lilac panties pictured are available in sizes 30-42 inches, with one reviewer noting that they “even modified the size for me slightly, at my request”. To get them head to Etsy here.

This underwear features a flamingo design. (Etsy/SmalzByEm)

From the same store you can get these colourful flamingo design panties. They have a lace trim and satin bow, and are made with a wider gusset for all day comfort. Again they’re handmade and come in a number of sizes, these ones are priced at £15 and you can get them from Etsy here.

A floral pattern thong. (Etsy/FluidAgenda)

Another unique design is this flowery thong from Fluid Agenda. It has a floral lace overlay and plush picot elastic that is said to be very comfortable. They’re priced at £18 and you can get them from Etsy here.

A gaff with a unique bow design. (Etsy/TransLingerie)

This gaff is available in pink, red and silver and comes complete with a stunning bow at the back. They’re available in a number of sizes and sellers can also add their hip measurements when purchasing the underwear so they can get a gaff made that’s perfect for their body shape. This one is priced at £26.92 and you can get it from Etsy here.

This gaff has lace detail. (Etsy/TransLingerie)
This gaff has lace detail. (Etsy/TransLingerie)

If you’re after something that wouldn’t look out of place in the likes of Ann Summers and Lovehoney then you can get this extra-pretty gaff that features lacy detail. They’re available in red, black and white and include a high waisted lace design, you can get them for £53.83 from Etsy here.

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