The ‘Lady Dimitrescu on the phone’ meme is taking the internet by storm: 9 of the funniest examples

Lady Dimitrescu

“Hello? Is that Lady Dimitrescu? We need to talk.”

Almost all of the scenes with Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady villain are iconic, but an early sequence with her on the phone has quickly become the internet’s latest meme.

Early on in the castle section, Ethan cowers outside her window as she phones Mother Miranda, the lead villain. It’s a tense call, ending in Lady Dimitrescu throwing the furniture across the room in anger.

It’s also perfect meme material. Who else could she possibly be on the phone with?

Plenty of people it turns out, from gaming characters to pop culture icons. And her reaction is always an eternal mood. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found. Got any others to add? Drop us a line! Our contact details are below.


Or maybe Lady Dimitrescu is a Twitch streamer now? Is she busy playing Resident Evil Village? Or is she shooting her way through Fortnite? Who would she main in Apex Legends?

Lady Dimitrescu hot tub stream when?


It seems the internet won’t be bored with Lady Dimitrescu for a long time yet. She’s the vampire mommy who just keeps on giving.

Not content with wanting to be stepped on by her, Resident Evil Village has been overcome with mods for the tall vampire lady.

Whether you want her hat to continuously grow each time you see her, want her lips and breasts to grow C*ck Destroyer-style, or want to swap out her face for Thomas The Tank Engine, modders have you covered.

Lady Dimitrescu Dancing is also a meme across Twitter thanks to the ladyddancing account. Seeing her dancing along to Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” is absolutely fitting with her taste for “man flesh”.

But there’s also “S&M” from Rihanna, Loona’s “Hi High”, and even Ru Paul tracks.

Where will the internet take Lady Dimitrescu next?

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