Lorde announces return to music with instantly-iconic artwork and the gays are, naturally, obsessed

Lorde Solar Power

After four long years in the wilderness, Lorde has decided to give the gays everything they want once more.

The “Royals” singer announced “Solar Power”, her first new music in four years, on Monday (7 June) by posting a picture of her bum on social media – a bold move queer fans will undoubtedly relate to.

Almost four full years since Lorde dropped Melodrama – the ultimate sad queer album – the world is well and truly ready to be emotionally eviscerated.

Lorde didn’t bother to give a release date for the new track – instead, she simply confirmed that the song will drop in 2021, writing: “Patience is a virtue.”

The announcement quickly sent the internet into overdrive as queer fans started readying themselves for what will forever be remembered as a sad gay summer.

Naturally, the memes pretty much made themselves as fan excitement reached a crescendo.

The rest of the world was left in a state of shock, transfixed by the sight of Lorde’s ass.

Lorde burst onto the music scene with “Royals” in 2012, which went on to become a global smash hit – and she went on to accrue an enormous queer following with her 2017 album Melodrama.

The critically-acclaimed record, created with the help of pop super-producer Jack Antonoff, defined an era for countless LGBT+ people.

She later told fans that she was working on new music in June 2019, but later that year she revealed that she was taking a break from recording after her dog Pearl tragically died.

‘Kooky year’ of coronavirus halted Lorde’s release plans

In 2020, she told Blackbird Spyplane that the coronavirus pandemic had upended her plans to release new music.

“I’m telling people that something is taking shape. More than ‘taking shape’ – something is; there’s a thing,” she said.

“But, you know, I really take my time, and I like to know the whole universe, the whole cinematic universe for what I’m making, so I’m in that process right now.

“I don’t know how much more I want to say. It’s such a kooky year in terms of knowing anything about timing, but I guess with me, as an artist generally, no one ever knows when anything’s coming anyway.”