Bake Off stopped winner David Atherton from wearing ‘I love anal’ badge in the tent

David Atherton wearing his "I love anal" badge.

Great British Bake Off winner David Atherton has revealed that he tried to wear an “I love anal” badge on the show before being caught.

Atherton, who won Bake Off in 2019, posted a photo of himself wearing the bright yellow badge alongside fellow baker Michelle Evans-Fecci to Twitter on Wednesday (16 June).

He wrote: “Just remembering the time I tried to get away with wearing this badge on Bake Off. I got it into the tent, but then it was spotted.”

Hilarity and “soggy bottom” jokes ensued, with one follower responding: “This is some real king s**t”.

“The hero we need,” wrote another.

When one Twitter user claimed that if Bake Off “were still on the BBC, they would have to do an unbiased follow-up segment on the pros and cons of anal”, Atherton said: “But with a panel of five people, there of whom are Christians, and none of whom have had anal sex.”

David Atherton announced his engagement to his long-term boyfriend last year.

In September, 2020, David Atherton announced that he was engaged to his long-term boyfriend Nik.

He shared a beaming photo of the two of them to Instagram and wrote: “We put a ring on it (it doesn’t fit, but I measured my own finger badly with a tape measure….not to be advised).”

“I’m not sure I actually asked the question because I was basically crying so much,” he added. “I didn’t have a plan B so I’m glad he said yes.”

The Great British Bake Off winner explained that neither he or Nik ever thought they’d be able to get married, making their engagement all the more special.

“This moment is especially special because it seems so surreal,” he wrote.

“We need to keep fighting for all those living in places where this isn’t possible or where there is hostility. Love wins.”