Stonewall Inn bans beers over company’s donations to cruel anti-LGBT+ politicians

The Stonewall Inn

New York’s famous Stonewall Inn won’t serve beers manufactured by Anheuser-Busch in protest against the company’s donations to anti-LGBT+ politicians.

Stacy Lentz and Kurt Kelly, who together own the Stonewall Inn, will implement the ban on Friday (25 June) as part of the Keep Your Pride campaign, which draws attention to five companies that claim to support the LGBT+ community during Pride Month but have made donations to anti-LGBT+ lawmakers.

The campaign was launched by Corporate Accountability Action, which found that Anheuser-Busch donated more than $35,000 to 29 legislators that backed anti-LGBT+ bills between 2015 and 2020, according to Associated Press.

Lentz and Kelly will pour some of the company’s beers – which includes Stella Artois and Bud Light – down the drain in a symbolic act of protest on Wednesday (23 June).

Stonewall Inn urges Anheuser-Busch to stop ‘fuelling hate’

“We just felt Stonewall having the platform, the power to do this, it was important to stand up,” Lentz said.

“We really just want Anheuser-Busch to stop donating to lawmakers who are trying to legalise discrimination.

“You can’t turn your logo rainbow on social media, call yourself an ally, and then turn around and make donations that fuel hate.

“There really are no excuses, and companies like Anheuser-Busch need to own up to what they’ve done.”

Anheuser-Busch issued a statement in response to the Stonewall Inn’s protest, saying the company supports candidates “whose policy positions and objectives support investments in our communities, job creation and industry growth”.

The company added: “Together, with our brands, we have a clear role to play in bringing real change and creating an inclusive and equitable world where we cherish and celebrate one another.”

The United States is currently in the midst of a legislative boom of bills that specifically target the LGBT+ community. More than 250 anti-LGBT+ bills have been introduced in state legislatures so far this year, while 18 have been signed into law.

Those laws include bans on healthcare for trans youth and bills that prohibit trans girls and women from participating in sports.