Lil Nas X epically schools homophobes after fiery BET Awards kiss: ‘Y’all hate yourselves so much’

Lil Nas X BET Awards

Lil Nas X is hitting back at people leaving homophobic comments on social media about the steamy kiss during his performance at this year’s BET Awards.

The rapper paid tribute to Michael Jackson’s song “Remember the Time” when he performed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name” at the awards show. The epic performance culminated in Lil Nas X sharing a passionate kiss with one of his male backup dancers while he embraced another.

Lil Nas hasn’t held back when it comes to defending his stellar performance and his right to express his sexuality.

One person wrote in a now-deleted tweet that “even the OG gays are sick of Lil Nas X’s s**t”. But Lil Nas wasn’t having any of it. In a scathing response, the rapper said that he would keep being himself even if it makes other people “uncomfortable”. He wrote: “Y’all hate yourselves so much.

“Y’all live your lives trying your best to appease straight ppl.

“Y’all are uncomfortable with what I do because y’all are afraid they will be uncomfortable with you.

“Work on yourselves, I love who I am and whatever I decide to do. Get there.”

Another person accused the “Old Town Road” singer of being “so insecure” about his sexuality that he is overcompensating for it “every chance you get”. To which, Lil Nas X admitted he is insecure about his sexuality, and he still has a “long way to go” in accepting himself.

“When you’re conditioned by society to hate yourself your entire life it takes a lot of unlearning,” Lil Nas explained. “Which is exactly why I do what I do.”

Lil Nas X also slammed a commenter who claimed that “being gay” doesn’t mean people “have to look or act the part of a fem”. The comment included a picture of famous NBA player LeBron James.

But the rapper didn’t have time for the internet troll’s antiquated gender standards. He responded: “Wearing traditional male clothing and using LeBron memes will not help you make straight friends bro give it up.”

He expressed his exasperation that “we are [four] months in” since his hit single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” came out and “people are still acting surprised that I am being gay and sexual in performances of a song about gay and sexual s**t”.

“Like the song is literally about gay sex,” Lil Nas wrote. “What y’all want me to do play the piano while baking a cake?”

Lil Nas X also shared that it took him “a lot of time to mentally prepare” for his fantastic BET Awards performance. He described how he was “trembling” on stage because he knew he was “performing something like that in front of my straight peers”.

“Even during the performance, I was having a hard time calming my nerves,” Lil Nas added.

He also thanked his hoard of fans “for the love” he received since the performance.