Luca star Jack Dylan Grazer just came out as bisexual in the best way

Luca star Jack Dylan Grazer bisexual

Jack Dylan Grazer, the wunderkind actor who has starred in Luca, It: Chapter Two, Shazam! and more, just came out as bisexual in the best way.

Grazer, 17, opened up about being attracted to more than one gender on an Instagram Live on Thursday (1 July) before updating his pronouns on his bio to he/they.

During a questions and answers session with his 4.6 million followers, a user point-blank asked them: “Are you gay?”

“I’m bi,” Grazer replied, cracking a smile before spinning out his Luca character’s famous catchphrase: “Silenzio, Bruno!”

Fans were quick to congratulate Grazer on coming out as bi as well as for subtly updating their pronouns. Others, meanwhile, urged people not to resort to tired stereotypes about sexuality, such as joking that they “knew” Grazer was bisexual.

Jack Dylan Grazer thinks Luca characters should ‘fall in love’

In Luca, a literal fish-out-water Pixar movie, Jack Dylan Grazer plays Alberto, a shape-shifting aquatic creature that becomes human on dry land who meets the eponymous Luca.

Alberto, older, reckless and parentless, encourages Luca to explore the human world with him – hijinks ensue as the pair balance having fun with keeping their true identities a secret.

Enrico Casarosa’s feature-length debut was almost immediately read by viewers as a queer coming-of-age story. Some fans even compared it to Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name as they saw many aspects of the film act as allegories for being LGBT+.

A still from the film Luca

Luca has some fans debating whether the film is ‘queer coded’. (IMDb)

Casarosa sought to stress that Luca and Alberto are “friends” and nothing more. “This is all about platonic friendships,” the director said.

“I love Luca’s movies and he’s such a talent, but it truly goes without saying that we really wilfully went for a pre-pubescent story. ”

Grazer also commented on the comparisons in an interview with CinemaBlend. “No, there’s no Call Me by Your Name in it,” he said. “They’re friends. Alberto and Luca are friends.

“I know for a fact that there will be dirty fanfiction, but I’m not talking about that while I’m promoting the movie.”

But when Grazer floated his own idea for a Luca sequel, he said it would “be cool if we got back together and fell in love”.