Queer TikTok star shuts down ignorant troll with perfectly delivered Pose quote

Queer TikToker The Mother Birdie Pose

A queer TikToker has shut down an internet troll saying that being non-binary is “weird” by sharing a powerful quote from Pose icon Dominique Jackson.

TikTok star The Mother Birdie opened the video by responding to a comment on one of their previous videos. The commenter said they can “get on board” with being trans but non-binary is “weird”.

The drag artist coolly and calmly put a straw in their drink while paraphrasing a quote from the trailblazing trans actor, who played Elektra on Pose.

“You know the brilliant Dominique Jackson once said asking someone to accept me or tolerate me implies that I believe they have some kind of power or authority over my life,” the Mother Birdie said.

“And I say: Nobody asked you b***h.”

The audio then cuts to Elektra’s powerful “You are not on my level” line from the hit LGBT+ TV show. And in a mic drop moment, the Mother Birdie sashays away while sipping from their drink and strikes a pose as Lady Gaga’s “Judas” plays in the background.


Reply to @jaisleen984khan Another day on the internet. Trans. Non-binary. Queer as fk. #pride2021?️‍? #nonbinary #HotwireHotelGoals

♬ Nobody Asked You Btch – TheMotherBirdie?️‍⚧️

The drag artist captioned the video as just “another day on the internet” while being “trans”, “non-binary” and “queer as fk”.

The sassy clap back has been well received on TikTok with over 18,000 people liking the video. One person commented The Mother Birdie’s “energy is everything” while another said the “video is now my religion”.

In 2019, Jackson gave a powerful speech as she accepted the National Equality Award at the Human Rights Campaign’s national dinner. As she took the stage, the trans icon shared that she is a “woman that was ostracised”, and her “brothers and sisters” are being “murdered because of our existence”.

Jackson declared she would “never ask any of you for respect” because she “will demand it”.

“You will not tell me that you accept me,” Jackson said. “You will not tell me that you tolerate me. That is not your power. I take that from you.”

She added: “You will respect me for who I am.”