Lil Nas X drops uncensored Industry Baby video and it’s truly a work of art

Lil Nas X appears in his Industry Baby video

Lil Nas X has proved that he is still the king of trolls after dropping an “uncensored” version of his “Industry Baby” video.

The rapper once again broke the internet after releasing an amazing video for his new single “Industry Baby” last week. The music video satirised Nas’ Nike “Satan Shoe” saga and resulted in the rapper being sent to Montero State Prison along with Jack Harlow.

It also featured Nas and a number of men stripping down for a steamy – but pixelated – shower room dance break before the rapper stages an incredible prison break.

Nas shared on Twitter that he had uploaded an “uncensored” version of “Industry Baby” on YouTube. Many fans presumably rushed to YouTube in the hopes that the pixels would have been removed from the shower scene, and the world would have seen Nas and the dancers perform in all their glory.

But in the ultimate troll move, the new video appears to freeze and display a buffering icon just as it would reach the naked shower scene. Nas managed to fool us all!

Many fans shared their frustration and joy (let’s be honest) at being expertly trolled on social media. Some even joined in on the joke with Lil Nas and shared their reactions to the “uncensored” video.

Lil Nas X has ‘apologised’ for not asking Jack Harlow to appear in the naked shower dance scene.

Harlow helps Nas escape from prison and remains clothed for the entirety of the music video. But following the video’s release, Harlow shared on Twitter that he would have “been in that shower scene” should Lil Nas X asked him to. Instead, he argued that he just let the “mastermind cook”.

Nas responded that he “didn’t know” Harlow was willing to give his all for the music video and joked that they should “shoot it again”.

Fans declared they would “never forgive” the rapper for not asking Harlow to be in the steamy shower scene, prompting Lil Nas X to issue an apology to the LGBT+ community.

“To the LGBTQ+ community I sincerely apologise,” he tweeted.

“I have failed you. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed. And i will learn from my mistakes.”