NFL star says gay trailblazer Carl Nassib treated ‘no different’ since coming out

Carl Nassib openly gay NFL player flexes while smiling

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr says Carl Nassib, the first active gay NFL player, hasn’t been treated differently since he came out earlier this year.

Nassib posted a heartfelt video to his Instagram in June sharing with football fans and the world that he is gay, saying that he wanted to do his part to “cultivate a culture that’s accepting”.

The NFL and Nassib’s team quickly rallied behind the defensive lineman. The football organisational even created an advert promoting LGBT+ rights by declaring “football is gay” just a week later.

Now, Nassib’s teammate has given fans a glimpse at how Las Vegas Raiders’ players have been treating Nassib since coming out – and it seems to all be positive.

Carr told ESPN that, from his perspective, he has seen no issues between the team and Nassib since the start of training camp.

“When he came in [the locker room], I just like to watch, and not one person, from my point of view, has treated him any different,” Carr said.

He continued: “He may have a different story; I don’t know. I don’t know what his story is.

“But from my point of view – his locker is just a few down from mine – and I just want to make sure that he knows that, man, we just want him to play as hard as he can so we can win a Super Bowl.

“That’s what we’re here to do.”

On Friday (6 August), Nassib shared publicly how he has been treated by his fellow teammates since coming out. The trailblazing gay NFL player said that he has been met with “nothing but love and support” from his fellow players, adding it’s been an “incredible” experience.

NFL Las Vegas Raiders Carl Nassib

The NFL proudly shares its support of LGBT+ rights by declaring “football is gay”. The ad comes a week after Las Vegas Raiders player Carl Nassib came out as gay. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

The player has received loads of support from fans outside the NFL.

President Joe Biden even said Nassib – as well as trans Japanese footballer Kumi Yokoyama – are helping to pave the way for “countless kids”.

In a tweet, the president declared he was “so proud” of the two men for their “courage” in coming out as high-profile athletes.

“Because of you, countless kids around the world are seeing themselves in a new light today,” Biden wrote.