Bizarre dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon causes a stir on Twitter – ‘so is this Hades but gayer?’

Boyfriend Dungeon at Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Announced at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Boyfriend Dungeon is out right now and gamers are confused and delighted by it in equal measure.

Developed by Kitfox Games, it’s both a dungeon crawler and a dating sim in which your weapons are also your boyfriends.

Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds.

The game was originally announced in 2017 and successfully raised $272,000 on Kickstarter. Fans have been eager to play it ever since. 

And now it’s finally here across Switch, PC and Xbox – plus it’s available on Game Pass. Nintendo tweeted about the release after their Indie World Showcase in August, and the tweet went viral.

It gathered a whole host of confused and admiring replies, including one person who asked: “so is this Hades but gayer?”

So how exactly does it work? You can date up to nine different weapons that not only represent battle options but different genders and sexualities with male, female and non-binary characters.

And if you can’t settle on one weapon to date… just date them all.

You’ll date your weapon(s) through a visual novel style narrative and take them on a variety of dates, before battling through procedurally generated dungeons.

“You move into your cousin’s old apartment, rent-free for the summer. Plus, he’ll help you solve your little problem… you’ve never been on a date in your life!” explains the Steam page.

“To get some confidence and meet people, plus earn a little cash, you’re tasked with clearing the creatures in “the dunj”. Soon you discover weapons you find transform into cuties… and they’re SINGLE! (What a craaazy coincidence because you also happen to be up for grabs yourself.) But someone’s abducting weapons and leaving them damaged in the dungeon! Who could do such a thing? Will you solve the blade-napping mystery? Will you find love? Or, friendship, at least?”

The internet is already going wild for Boyfriend Dungeon thanks to its queer-friendly narrative and meme-worthy humour.

The developers are certainly proud of the game.


Even more, it’s the thoughtful touches that have pleased players. For instance, you can choose whether a character called “Mom” interacts with you, as well as choosing pronouns.

We’ll have a review of Boyfriend Dungeon very soon.

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