Geri Halliwell backs trans-inclusive rewrite of classic anthem It’s Raining Men

Mila Jam and cast performing 'It's Raining Them'.

Spice Girls legend Geri Halliwell has endorsed trans artist Mila Jam’s remake of the classic 80s hit It’s Raining Men.

The song has been transformed into a non-binary anthem, nearly 40 years after The Weather Girls first released the hit in 1982 and 20 years since Geri Halliwell’s own iconic version in 2001.

The modern-day makeover sees the disco anthem reimagined as It’s Raining Them, performed by Mila Jam and a cast of trans and non-binary dancers.

On her Instagram stories, Halliwell posted Mila Jam’s video and wrote: “This is about inclusion and freedom to be yourself, always.”

She added: “He, she, them – whatever your pronouns may be. Everyone is welcome. Great job, Mila Jam.”

Geri Halliwell endorsed Mila Jam's remake of 'It's Raining Men' on Instagram.

Geri Halliwell sent a message of support to Mila Jam on her Instagram Stories. (Instagram/TheRealGeriHalliwell)

The all-inclusive anthem and music video features gender-neutral lyrics in support of trans and non-binary people. The track is a brand new Deezer Originals, with an accompanying music video on YouTube, and 100 per cent of streaming revenue from Deezer will go to national trans charity Gendered Intelligence.

This includes the lyrics changing from “Tall, blonde, dark and lean / Rough and tough and strong and mean” to “Cool, bold, strong and keen / Proud and loud and here and seen.” The new track has the full support of It’s Raining Men original songwriter, Paul Shaffer.

Mila Jam is a prominent trans activist in the US, as well as a Broadway performer and music artist – who counts Laverne Cox, Angelica Ross and Drag Race star Peppermint among her fans.

She said: “It’s an honour to perform It’s Raining Them. For all artists in the LGBTQ+ community I believe the future is ours, it’s now, and we must shine.

“We haven’t always been in this position, so I think it’s important that we tell our stories and make some good out of it. I really hope this record helps more of my siblings feel included.

“We’ve always been here, we aren’t going anywhere, and we must continue to dance.”