Ryan Murphy shuts down complaint he writes too many ‘gay perverted addicts’ with epic clapback

Ryan Murphy attends The 2019 Met Gala

TV mogul Ryan Murphy has shut down a critic who whined that he writes too many “gay perverted addicts” with an epic clapback.

This week, a Lady Gaga fan account caught Murphy’s attention when it tweeted: “Can Ryan Murphy write a season without gay perverted addicts??? I feel like he’s used this trope a million times.”

The tweet seemingly referred to the premiere of the tenth season of American Horror Story on Wednesday (25 August), American Horror Story: Double Feature. 

But Murphy, who has also created Ratched, Halston and Pose, to name just a few, simply responded: “I will always write gay perverted addicts, sorry.”

His perfect clapback was applauded by his followers, including Drag Race icon Adore Delano, who responded: “Can I be one? I’ll play the evil mermaid who eats her pray [sic] after midnight.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Y’all were insane for thinking Ryan would get rid of his crazy twinks, like, that’s his brand.”

Joking aside, others thanked Murphy for the wealth of LGBT+ characters and storylines he has brought to mainstream TV and film in recent years.

“I appreciate what you have created for our community,” one Twitter user said. “Thank you.”

Ryan Murphy recently announced two new anthology series

This month, Ryan Murphy announced two new anthology series in a similar vein to American Horror Story and American Crime Story, titled American Love Story and American Sports Story.

The two scripted anthology series which will follow high profile love stories within pop culture and high profile figures in sport.

The first season of American Love Story will focus on the romance between John F Kennedy Jr and his wife Carolyn Bessette, while American Sports Story will begin by focusing on the late NFL player Aaron Hernandez, and will be based on the Boston Globe’s podcast Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.