Yes, Xbox really did release Halo 2 themed condoms – and the jokes write themselves

Halo 2 condoms from Xbox

Did you know that Xbox classic Halo 2 was promoted with… condoms?

That’s right, Halo 2 players have been “coming soon” since 2004.

The Bungie and Microsoft collaboration resurfaced online thanks to collectors, with the condom being one of the rarest collector’s items according to Xbox Collector.

Apparently only one other condom has been acquired by a collector. Presumably the rest have been… used?

And if not, they’re definitely past their use by date. 

The team definitely knew what they were doing. “It’s good to play together,” says a slogan on one side of the condom, a nod to the game’s co-op play as well as, you know, banging.

“Coming soon,” it says on the other side. Of that there’s no doubt.

They even appeared in an official video.

Thankfully, the promotional condoms were a one-off.

If anything, it shows how far games marketing has come (no pun intended) in the last couple of decades.

A first person shooting game with a gruff masculine hero, Halo was clearly aimed at a specific “gamer” crowd.

The audience ended up being much more diverse, however.

And so, now in 2021, we have the Halo announcer saying “trans rights” on a viral video and the official Xbox account replying “he’s absolutely right”.

What’s more, Xbox is focused on diversity so that “everyone can be their authentic selves”.

In short: please Xbox, no more condoms.

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