Fun, ass-kicking vampire movie BIT is basically a trans version of Buffy – and you need to watch it

Nicole Maines stars in vampire film BIT.

BIT is the feminist vampire movie quickly becoming an LGBT+ cult favourite, and one that you seriously need to watch.

Starring trailblazing trans actor Nicole Maines, BIT follows Laurel who moves to Los Angeles after graduating high school, looking to make a fresh start after transitioning.

While there she meets a group of vampires and let’s just say, this isn’t Twilight and we’re not in Forks anymore.

The queer vampire film, released in April 2020, has been receiving some attention on social media after a Twitter user noted that the film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

They said that the “fun, feminist vampire tale with a trans lead is endlessly charming,” adding that the pandemic “damaged the initial release and it’s time to get this on people’s radar”.

The official plot reads: “Laurel (Maines) moves to LA and falls in with a gang of vampires. Not knowing if they want to kill her, befriend her or turn her, she learns to understand the love and dangers of her new and first group of friends.”

The witty, fast-paced energy, repartee and young cast have strong Buffy the Vampire Slayer energy, but its a far more polished and up-to-date version, it has to be said.

Other Twitter users were quick to jump at the chance to talk about the vampire movie which is already on its way to be an LGBT+ cult favourite.

One person wrote that “BIT is such a refreshing entry into an anaemic genre,” and another added that they “were lucky enough to see this in the theatre, it’s fun and worth a watch.”

Somebody else discussed the vampire movie, saying “the whole soundtrack was fire,” while others were excited by the recommendation, with one Twitter user writing, “this movie is about to become my entire personality.”

The original poster reacted to the responses saying “as a trans gal wanting to see more cool rep for us in film… it means a lot.”

The film’s star, Maines and her family were the subject of the book Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family.

Released in 2015 and penned by Pulitzer-winning writer Amy Ellis Nutt, the book follows the story of Nicole, her twin brother Jonas and their adopted family, who question their long-held views on gender and identity to accept Nicole’s transition.

After spending four years reporting on the family’s story of understanding, nurturing and celebrating Nicole, Nutt’s book also explores beyond that, as it portrays a slowly changing nation.

Since the release of the book Maines has appeared in CW’s Supergirl as Nia Nal/Dreamer, playing the first transgender superhero on television.

Supergirl star Nicole Maines as trans superhero Dreamer

Supergirl star Nicole Maines as trans superhero Dreamer. (The CW)

She has appeared in the show since season four in 2018 and stars in the sixth and final season which is currently airing.

If you want to watch BIT then you can find out how to stream the film below.

How to stream BIT

In the US viewers can stream the film as part of an Amazon Prime Video subscription. To sign up or sign in head to

Unfortunately the film can’t be streamed as part of a subscription in other territories – but the good news is, it’s available to rent.

UK viewers can rent the film for £3.49 or purchase it for £5.99 at

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