The Matrix Resurrections trailer is finally here and it’s bonkers in the best kind of way

Neo and, apparently, a young Morpheus

Warner Bros has got fans in a frenzy after dropping the stunning trailer for Lana Wachowski’s fourth Matrix movie, The Matrix Resurrections.

The highly-anticipated film sees acclaimed trans filmmaker Lana Wachowski return to write, direct and produce the iconic sci-fi series after eighteen long years.

She’ll be handling directing duties solo after her sister, Lilly Wachowski, opted to move in a different creative direction, stating she “needed time away from this industry”.

But fans can look forward to many other familiar faces, including Keanu Reeves starring as a visibly older Neo, who’s apparently back in the Matrix and going by the name of Thomas Anderson once again.

He tells his therapist (played by Neil Patrick Harris) that he’s having “dreams that weren’t just dreams” – and fans were quick to notice that he’s taking blue prescription pills.

Carrie-Anne Moss is also reprising her role as Trinity, although she too seems to have lost her memory – no doubt to do with the small fact that she, and Neo, died at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. When she bumps Neo at a coffee shop, they don’t remember each other at all.

Jada Pinkett-Smith continues as Niobe, Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian, and Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson. They’re joined by a wave of high-profile co-stars including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who appears to be playing a regenerated Morpheus, as well as Jonathan Groff, Toby Unwumere, Priyanka Chopra, and more.

Plot details have been hush-hush so far, but Reeves recently described the film as “a beautiful script that is a love story, it’s inspiring”.

“It’s another version of a kind of call to wake up and it has some great action,” the actor said.

And while Resurrections certainly looks to be as action-packed as its predecessors, Reeves has hinted that the new film is as much a romance as it is anything else.

“We have a wonderful writer and director, Lana Wachowski, and she’s really written a beautiful, beautiful script that is a love story, it’s inspiring, it’s another version of a kind of call to wake up, and entertains, great action. And all will be revealed,” he told BBC’s The One Show.

The Matrix Resurrections will be released in UK cinemas on 22 December 2021. In the US, it will also be released on HBO Max the same day. Check out the trailer below.