‘CEO of aggressive allies’ explains why sharing your pronouns is important

Jackary, also known as @jackary17 or the 'CEO of aggressive allies' on TikTok, appears in a video with sunglasses, a can of Miller Lite and a grey shirt to explain why pronouns are important

The accurately titled “CEO of aggressive allies” gave a TikTok masterclass on why normalising pronouns is an important sign of allyship.

With pure boss vibes, Jackary – also known as @jackary17 on the video-sharing app – has continuously proven why it’s important to stand up for others like a friend when they’re being bullied with his unique brand of aggressive humour.

For Pride month, he posted a video where he, a “straight white man”, educated a viewer on why it’s crucial to treat LGBT+ people with respect and ‘normalise pronouns’ in bios.

The person commented on a previous video to ask why Jackary included his pronouns in his bio, adding there is “no way you are a transgender”.

Jackary rolled into the screen on his gaming chair before propping his legs up while ACDC’s iconic guitar riff to “Back in Black” played in the background. That’s the kind of power move energy Jackary brought to his baby-Yoda-holding-a-rainbow-flag table.

With a can of Miller Lite in hand, he declared the reason he included his pronouns was because of “people like you, dips**t” before taking a sip.


The straight white man is here to educate and class is in session #pridemonth2021??️‍? #lgbtq?️‍?❤️

♬ original sound – Jackary

“I’d also like to point out that you can’t say someone is ‘a transgender’ because it’s an adjective,” the TikToker added. “To say someone is ‘a transgender’ is, how do you say… offensive.”

He then shared he is not trans but a “straight, cis, white man” who wanted to help normalise putting pronouns in bios.

“If people like me put pronouns in our bios, it becomes normalised so f*****g t**ts like you don’t comment s**t like this on the accounts of people who are trans,” Jackary explained. “It’s about normalising pronouns.”

Over 2.1 million people watched Jackary’s impressive display of allyship with hundreds of thousands liking it on TikTok. One user shared they loved “aggressive ally content” while another declared Jackary is “invited to Pride”.

“This is absolutely the correct energy,” a viewer wrote.

In another video, Jackary responded to someone who claimed “cis white men need our time” and that they wouldn’t “respect anyone else”.

This time, the TikToker came armed with a study tool to help educate the ignorant commenter on what happens when “you come for my LGBTQ+ fam”.

“You strike me as the kind of person who does better with pictures as opposed to words so I’m going to explain this to you with a study aide,” he said, holding up a whiteboard.


Reply to @yesnomaybeso42069 Seriously when are the bigots gonna learn what happens when you come for my LGBTQ+ fam? #pridemonth #ally ♬ Highway to Hell – AC/DC

He drew a line with two points on it to illustrate “all of human history” from the beginning of time to the current day. Jackary instructed the person to “watch carefully” as he showed what part of the timeline “cis het men have owned”.

He circled all of it.

“You know it really says a lot about one’s character when you’re so self-obsessed and so arrogant that – heaven forbid – someone who’s different from you gets a little bit of recognition after several thousand years of people like you running the show,” Jackary said.

Mic drop. Deceased.

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