Shon Faye knocks right-wing professor Jordan Peterson off number one spot with The Transgender Issue

Shon Faye's The Transgender Issue disrupts the mainstream consensus

Shon Faye has knocked Jordan Peterson off the number one bestseller spot, and we love to see it.

The British trans author released her book The Transgender Issue: An Argument For Justice on 2 September.

Since its release the book has been met with a huge response, including reaching the number one spot at her publisher Penguin Press.

In the process she knocked Jordan Peterson – the self-proclaimed “professor against political correctness” – from the top of the chart with his controversial Beyond Order.

Shon celebrated with a tweet, posting: “Good afternoon The Transgender Issue was the highest selling title at Penguin Press this week which means I have knocked Jordan Peterson off the Number 1 slot at my publisher.”

The social media post received a number of positive responses including, “you’re doing amazing sweetie” and “this sparks joy!”.

The best-selling book lifts its title from TV debates, newspaper columns and political soundbites about “trans issues”.

Shon Faye centres trans and non-binary people’s struggles in the book in an attempt to correct the trans-hostile consensus in the transphobic British media.

The book addresses actual issues that trans and non-binary face including the class oppression faced by the majority of trans people, difficulties securing stable employment and the crisis in trans healthcare.

In an interview with PinkNews ahead of its release she explains that the reason that all of chapter two focuses on the latter is because she “wanted to make the crisis in trans healthcare legible to people who aren’t affected by it.”

“Because it’s not sexy, is it – the fact that there’s a long waiting list for the GIC [Gender Identity Clinic] is not the same as getting into a triumphant Twitter war about Graham Linehan,” she adds.

She also notes that it’s important for cis people to read the book and this chapter to fully “get a grip on the struggles around healthcare.”

Shon Faye’s The Transgender Issue: An Argument For Justice is now available to purchase at and

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