Twitter ‘deletes’ Jordan Peterson tweet deadnaming Elliot Page after he said he’d ‘rather die’

Elliot Page and Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson said he would “rather die” than delete the “hateful” tweet deadnaming Elliot Page.

The Canadian right-wing psychologist, notorious for his anti-trans rhetoric, was reportedly suspended from Twitter temporarily after violating the site’s rules against hateful conduct with a tweet about Elliot Page, which now appears to have been deleted by the site.

The tweet in question, posted on 22 June, saw Peterson misgendered and deadnamed trans actor Elliot Page, saying: “Remember when pride was a sin? And [Elliot Page] just had [his] breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

Controversial commentator Dave Rubin tweeted about the suspension on Wednesday (June 29), saying Peterson “just told” him “he will ‘never’ delete the tweet”.

Dave Rubin tweeted about the situation.

Dave Rubin tweeted about the situation. (Twitter)

He attached a picture of the warning from Twitter, which outlined the violation, saying that “you may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people,” which included “gender, gender identity.”

Peterson told the National Post he would “rather die” than delete the tweet, saying: “There are no rules on Twitter except don’t do what we don’t like today. They are always applied post hoc by algorithms and idiots bent on maintaining their woke superiority.”

At the time of writing, the tweet is no longer available and Peterson’s account appears functional.

The Umbrella Academy actor Elliot Page came out as trans in 2020, immediately becoming one of the most high-profile trans people in the world. Since then, he has shared various stories about how his life has improved since transitioning.

Jordan Peterson, a self-described philosopher, is known for pushing anti-trans rhetoric in talks or debates where he revels in provocation and offensiveness.

He was previously featured on the Joe Rogan Podcast in late January where he described being trans as a “contagion” similar to “satanic ritual abuse”.

During the segment, Rogan questioned Peterson about his thoughts on what causes a person to feel “so compelled” by the “idea that they were born in the wrong body”.

Peterson replied by pushing a false theory about so-called “satanic panic” where, in the 1980s, the US population believed that satanic ritual abuse was taking place at daycare centres across America.

In 2021, Peterson’s controversial book Beyond Order was knocked off of the number one spot by Shon Faye’s The Transgender Issue: An Argument For Justice.

Faye’s book centres trans and non-binary people’s struggles in an attempt to correct the trans-hostile consensus in the British media.