UK developer appoints equality, diversity and inclusion manager to combat games industry toxicity

Sumo Group Leon Killin

UK developer Sumo Group has appointed their first equality, diversity and inclusion manager.

Leon Killin will take on the role, demonstrating the developer’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion within the organisation and the broader industry.

The award winning developer has acquired a number of studios, including the BAFTA award winning The Chinese Room who created the stunning narrative game Dear Esther.

“Sumo recognises its responsibility to work towards meaningful and enduring diversity and to help drive widespread change through the industry – I’m looking forward to seeing how Leon will guide us on that journey,” says Sumo Group Chief Executive Officer Carl Cavers.

Prior to this position, Killin founded consultancy service Balance Patch that specialises in offering EDI advice to the games industry and providing tools and support.

“The industry has a long way to go, but in recent years we have seen major improvements thanks to the efforts of countless individuals, organisations and companies like Sumo Group,” said Killin. 

“Sumo has acknowledged and embraced its responsibilities as an industry leader and beacon for positive change, and I look forward to working with them on enacting that change.”

Sumo Group at large includes Sumo Digital and other games companies, collectively working in studios across the UK, India, Canada, US and Poland.

It’s a positive step in an industry that is facing much criticism for its lack of inclusion.

Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Riot Games are all in the midst of sexual harassment scandals causing ripples across the industry.

Pressure groups ABetterUbisoft and ABetterABK are campaigning for improved working conditions for women and marginalised communities, but so far their demands have fallen on deaf ears.

It’s hoped that more companies will look to appoint EDI managers in the future.

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