Sharon Osbourne had ‘ketamine therapy’ after being accused of using racist, homophobic slurs

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she underwent “ketamine therapy” following her dramatic exit from The Talk earlier this year.

The reality television star found herself in hot water in March when she was accused of using racist and homophobic language to describe her The Talk co-hosts – claims she denies.

Sharon Osbourne was later axed from the popular talkshow, with producers saying her behaviour “did not align” with their values.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the controversy, Osbourne claimed she was “set up” by CBS and television executives working on The Talk.

In the aftermath, Osbourne said she “went through a difficult patch” and was “embarrassed” that people might think she was racist.

Sara Gilbert, a friend of Osbourne’s and a former co-host on The Talk, recommended she undergo ketamine therapy to help her cope with the fallout.

“I went through three months of therapy,” Osbourne said. “I had ketamine treatment and I got it all out. All the tears and everything that I felt, you know. All of that, it’s gone.”

Sharon Osbourne thinks her fall from grace was orchestrated by The Talk execs

Osbourne’s spectacular fall from grace began when she publicly defended Piers Morgan on Twitter following his controversial remarks about Meghan Markle.

During a later appearance on The Talk, Osbourne insisted that she is not a racist, and “neither is Piers racist”.

Tensions escalated when co-host Sheryl Underwood accused Osbourne of “validating racist” views. Osbourne subsequently demanded that Underwood “educate” her about racism live on television.

When Underwood appeared to become emotional, Osbourne replied: “Don’t try and cry, because if anyone should be crying it should be me.”

Sharon Osbourne later apologised for her remarks, but the furore wasn’t over yet. She was later accused of using racist, anti-Asian slurs to refer to co-host Julie Chen, who is Chinese American.

She was also accused of calling Sara Gilbert, who is gay, a “p***y licker” and “fish eater”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the fallout, Osbourne claimed she was hoodwinked by an executive on The Talk who told her co-hosts to bring up the racism conversation live on air without her knowledge.

CBS has denied the allegation, claiming it “did not find any evidence” that executives orchestrated the conversation “or blindsided any of the hosts”.

She also suggested that CBS should have cut to an ad break during the tense conversation on The Talk, but claimed they didn’t because they “liked the controversy”.

“I felt totally betrayed, not protected by CBS,” Osbourne told the Daily Mail. “I felt used. I felt like an old shoe.

“They didn’t care. It was a set up and it was set up by one of the executives.”