Teenager’s mum banned them from putting up a Pride flag. 241 flags later…

A collage of dozens of flags

An asexual non-binary teenager’s mother banned them from placing an LGBT+ Pride flag in their room – so they did the next best thing instead.

Living at home with unsupportive parents or guardians can be a rattling time for queer youth, especially when they are in the closet.

Over on Reddit, user Chernyat explained on r/LGBT how their mum has let them stick up any and every flag up on their wardrobe door other than the rainbow one.

But Chernyat quickly thought of the perfect workaround – printing 241 flags and sticking them all to their wardrobe to form the LGBT+ Pride flag.

The kaleidoscopic display features flags ranging from Canada’s national flag to the British Battle flag of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd – as well as some intersex, non-binary, trans and ace Pride flags stealthily slipped in.

On the original post, which has since been across the Reddit community, from r/vexillology to a subreddit dedicated to all things Macedonia, Chernyat said their mother is unlikely to even notice the sneaky LGBT+ Pride flags tucked inside the mural.

“She’s quite oblivious about other queer-associated flags,” they said of the collage. “She’s likely seen the trans flag before.

“Though it’s possible that she doesn’t see the link yet. But I’m certain that the intersex, asexual and nonbinary flags on the mural will be well beyond her radar.”

And for those concerned about the original poster’s wellbeing while staying at their family home: “Thanks for the kind words, friend, and don’t fear about my mum,” they replied to one user.

“I’ve lost a lot of respect for her a long time ago. This is only the first nail to the phases of disappointment of me.

“The last nail tapped will be me coming out to her in a few months.”
They added that coming out to their mother won’t be something that “goes down well”.

“She’s already tried to clock me out twice and spouted some very transphobic comments,” they said, “but I have plans on moving out with a close friend of mine.

“So at least I will be one step ahead of her.”