Lesbian porn star platformed by BBC calls for mass ‘execution’ and ‘lynching’ of trans women

Porn actor Lily Cade.

Lily Cade, a transphobic lesbian porn star platformed by the BBC in an infamous article last week, has called for trans women to be “lynched” and “executed”.

This article contains extreme hate speech. 

On 26 October, the BBC published an article headlined: “We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women.“

The almost 4,000-word article platforms a multitude of voices insisted that cisgender lesbians are being pressured into sex with trans women.

It have been defended by the BBC as having gone through a “rigorous editorial process”, despite not including a single interview with an opposing viewpoint.

One of the people actually interviewed by BBC journalist Caroline Lowbridge was lesbian porn star Lily Cade. Cade’s entire contribution to the story was that she once declined to shoot a porn scene with a trans woman.

Over the last week or so, since the publication of the BBC article, Cade has begun posting extreme calls to violence against trans women on her blog, as well as sharing the same thoughts on Twitter.

In more than one post, she explicitly called for execution of trans women.

“If you left it up to me, I’d execute every last one of them personally,” she wrote.

“Cancel the ever-living f**k out of this. Cancel this so hard that no man dare walk the path of the trans woman in public ever again! Enough is enough.

“Lynch Kaitlyn! Lynch the ‘Sisters’ Wachowski! Lynch Laurel Hubbard! Lynch Fallon Fox!”

She added: “They can’t take down Lily Cade. She’s already dead. I’m the bullet, bitch. I’m a f**king soldier. You ready? I’m ready.”

In another post, she compared the existence of trans people to the racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, and added: “If the Arabs did three per cent of what the trans women have done to your people, you would bomb them into the stone age.”

In the same post, she said trans people should be “killed… as is the duty of the man to protect the women and the children from pedophile pervert monsters”, and claims that same-sex marriage “was the fall of Rome”.

Throughout the posts, Cade makes repeated references to the “red pill”, a term derived from The Matrix and commonly used in misogynist, men’s rights and incel forums, which have been linked to extreme violence.

Over the last few years, Cade has faced accusations of sexual assault by multiple women.

She referenced the allegations in one of her blog posts, which read: “If a rapist is someone who is accused in public of sexual misconduct, then I am a rapist.

“So, too, are three of your last four presidents, the men who sit in your halls of power, and the men who make judgments over your laws. So are all of your heroes, and you know it, and you don’t care.

“If a rapist is someone who pays women to have sex that they don’t actually want to have, then I am a goddamn f**king rapist, and your world is run by rapists.”

Lily Cade’s violent posts have not been addressed by the BBC

Lily Cade’s terrifying posts about trans people have shocked and horrified the internet, yet the BBC has remained silent.

The broadcaster is facing widespread calls for the article to be removed, but at the time of writing, it remains live.

PinkNews has contacted the BBC for comment.