Trans Jeopardy! champ on the one thing that ‘sucks’ about her momentous success

Amy Schneider is continung her history-making winning streak on popular US game show Jeopardy! after clocking up an eleventh consecutive win, making her the first trans contestant to ever achieve this.

However, Schneider revealed earlier this week that although she is delighted with her runaway success on the show, there’s one element of winning that gets her down.

“The one thing that sucks about Jeopardy! is that for me to win, the other contestants have to lose,” Schneider admitted on Twitter.

“Madeline was a very nice person as I said, and as a viewer watching at home, I would have loved to see her go on a run of her own (no offense to Dan btw),” the brain box continued. “But I don’t want to lose!”

Schneider recently spoke out about how her ever-growing prize winnings ($421,200 to date) were not the only thing motivating her in the competition, explaining that she also wanted to ensure more positive visibility of trans people on television.

On the 25 November Thanksgiving episode of the show, Amy Schneider appeared wearing a trans Pride pin on her cardigan, a subtle but powerful message to audiences at home.

After the show she took to Twitter to explain why she chose the holiday occasion to wear the flag, stating: “Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about family. And that can be hard for anybody who has been ostracised or otherwise cut off from their family, a group which, sadly, still includes a disproportionately high number of trans people, especially trans youth and trans people of colour.

“So, it felt like a good time to show my membership in, and support of, a community that might be having a hard time right now.”

Schneider has previously revealed it is her goal to hit $500,000 in prize winnings. Earlier this week she became the first ever trans contestant to reach Jeopardy!‘s Tournament of Championsin which the top players from the season battle it out.