Big Brother’s Hallie tears up speaking about her mum’s sacrifice: ‘She deserves more than the world’

Big Brother's trans housemate Hallie in a promotional image for ITV

Big Brother viewers were once again reduced to tears on Sunday night (15 October) after watching Hallie speak about her mum.

Shortly after the first eviction of the series, which saw make-up artist Farida get sent home, the remaining housemates were sent photos from their loved ones.

Gathering around on the sofas, contestants took it in turns to share who they had been sent a picture of, and what that picture meant to them. 

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the tears started flowing – in the Big Brother house and at home.

Big Brother housemate Hallie.
Hallie has opened up about her mum’s sacrifice. (ITV)

When it came to Hallie’s turn, the 18-year-old youth worker was already emotional. The photo she had received was of her mum, who she revealed has been her rock throughout her transition.

During her first week in the Big Brother house, Hallie revealed that she is transgender. Having already undergone hormone replacement therapy and other gender-affirming treatments, she revealed that if she won the ITV reality series, she would spend the prize money on completing her transition and reimbursing her mum, who had paid for years of treatment.

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Speaking through tears on Sunday night, Hallie held up the photo of her mum and told the housemates: “My mum has spent so much of her life putting her time and effort into other people and making sure that I am happy and comfortable with myself.

“She put herself in debt to make sure I could get my hormone treatment.

Big Brother housemate Hallie in her promotional image.
Big Brother UK housemate Hallie came out as trans on the ITV series. (ITV)

“And she’s just such an amazing woman and I just love her so much. She deserves much more than the world.”

Viewers at home were in pieces after hearing of the love that Hallie and her mum have for one another.

“Wow. Hallie’s mum putting herself in debt to get Hallie the care that she needs is incredible. What a wonderful parent,” one person commented on X (formerly Twitter).

“Hallie’s mother is so incredible, wow” raved a second.

Hallie’s mum Samantha is proudly cheering on her daughter from outside the Big Brother house.

After Hallie was tasked with patiently explaining her transition to housemate Farida, in a conversation that many viewers deemed “inappropriate”, Samantha was among the first to praise Hallie.

“She’s always mature and considered in her response. She is very mature and has grown up fast,” Samantha told Big Brother Late and Live last week.

“I had to bring her up fast to comply with the world that she’s gonna be brought up in because of being trans, she’s going to have different conflicts and have to deal with them differently.”

Big Brother continues on ITV 2 on weekdays from 9pm.