Lewis Hamilton makes history winning inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in defiant Pride helmet

Photo of Lewis Hamilton wearing a Pride helmet as he celebrates his win at the F1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia

Great Britain’s Lewis Hamilton made a statement wearing his Pride flag helmet as he won the first-ever Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Hamilton, Formula One’s most successful driver of all time and the only Black driver in the series’ history, won despite the race stopping twice and even colliding with his title rival, Max Verstappen, at one point during the nail-biting race.

Despite the chaos, the British driver secured a remarkable victory at the debut Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Sunday (5 December) while wearing his intersex-inclusive Progress Pride flag helmet.

Just days before the win, Hamilton condemned Saudi Arabia’s anti-LGBT+ laws and said he wore Pride colours on his helmet to “spark the conversation” on LGBT+ rights in homophobic countries.

“I believe everyone should have equal rights, freedom of speech, freedom of movement,” Hamilton said. “And there’s places where that’s not allowed.”

He continued: “Places such as here where the LGBT community, there’s prison time, the death penalty and restrictions for people being themselves. And I don’t believe in that.”

It’s the second Grand Prix race in a row where Hamilton donned the Pride colours. The Mercedes driver previously wore the helmet in a show of LGBT+ solidarity at the Qatar Grand Prix in November.

The helmet features the revamped Progress Flag designed by British intersex artist Valentino Vecchietti, with a yellow triangle and a purple circle, as well as the words “We Stand Together” on it.

Racing fans worldwide were blown away by Lewis Hamilton’s remarkable win as well as his stark show of allyship with the LGBT+ community.

Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Saudi Arabia is his third consecutive race win thus far, and he is tied on points with Verstappen in the standings.

The overall Formula One championship will be decided next Sunday in the finale in Abu Dhabi, Sports Illustrated reported.

Racing fans can expect Hamilton’s helmet to make another appearance as he has confirmed that he intends to wear the inclusive helmet throughout the Grand Prix as it travels through the Middle East.