There’s a ‘yassified’ LGBT+ version of Wordle and it’s NSFW as hell

A grid of tiles on a pink background, with the title 'Queerdle: yassification of Wordle'. The first guess entered is blowjob, the letter B is lit in green as it is correct and in the right place

There’s an LGBT+ Wordle clone where the answer could be anything from ‘blowjob’ to ‘bottoming’ – Queerdle, billed as the “yassification of Wordle”.

Wordle has taken over your Twitter timelines and, most likely, your free time. So it was only natural that eventually, somebody would make it queer.

Using Glitch, a free web app maker, Jordan Bouvier created an LGBT+ Wordle clone to make a version of the popular game that is inherently better because it is, well, gay.

“At first I was just tinkering around adding new features,” they told PinkNews. “but then I was having fun so I shared it with a few friends and on Twitter and it took off from there!”

Wordle is simple. Players have six tries to guess a five-letter word, with the game telling them whether any of the letters they have guessed are right (by turning them yellow) and if they are in the correct place (by turning them green).

You can only play once per day, with people often sharing their results to Twitter by typing out a grid of green, yellow and black emojis.

With Queerdle, the words of the day can range from five letters to eight.

Bouvier, based in Chicago, Illinois, launched the LGBT+ Wordle clone this month.

“I want it to be truly queer,” they said. “So there are references to history, drag, slang, and of course the sexual references. There are words in the dictionary for all queer folks.

“I’ve also opened up word submission to everyone because I’m under no impression that I know all of the queer lexicon.”

Even the results grid is gay. Instead of squares, the correct letters are snakes, the yellow letters are bananas and the wrong letters are coconuts – a touching tribute to Kim Petras, we imagine.

Previous versions have included the magic eight ball and people crossing their arms emojis.

When a word that hasn’t been registered in Queerdle’s database is played – “Shantay”, for example – the app even delivers some RuPaul-grade quips: “You’re pretty sharp to guess that word! A regular Derrick Barry!”

And, for those who gave paid attention during their queer vocabulary lessons enough to get the answer right, the app beams: “Shantay, you stay!”

As one player on Twitter put it: “The secret to Wordle is knowing the distribution of letters in English and opening with words that have a lot of common letters in them.

“The secret to Queerdle is doing this once and then guessing the gay word.”

“Running this is a fun little hobby and I’ve been enjoying scrolling through the hashtag,” Bouvier added.

“The only thing that frustrates me is when people post the solution. I don’t want other folks to have the day’s answer spoiled on them!”