Tone-deaf Twitch streamer says he doesn’t ‘get’ why it’s important to be an LGBT+ ally

Twitch streamer Sodapoppin

Twitch streamer Sodapoppin thinks the #ADayOffTwitch protest could make the problem of hate raids worse.

Twitch streamers are currently protesting against hate raids on the platform, where marginalised streamers are harassed with racist and transphobic abuse.

Funnily enough, the movement seems to have passed by the largely straight, cis, white male streamers with the biggest followings.

Sodapoppin follows fellow streamer Asmongold in having his potential allyship blinded by privilege and a lack of knowledge of the issues faced by LGBT+, BIPOC and disabled streamers.

On stream, Sodapoppin was asked to watch a video of Asmongold reacting to the #ADayOffTwitch movement.

Sodapoppin was not only unaware of the movement and the issues of hate raids, he was also unaware he had previously been hate raided himself.

“What are they taking a day off for anyways? What’s it for?… What’s a hate raid? I had one? I did?” he said, aghast.

After learning more, he said he believed it would cause more of a problem by drawing attention to the hate raids.

“What is taking a day off going to do? I don’t get it… I mean I guess it’s like oh wow all the streamers take time off Twitch I guess we really should fix this, but like what the f**k, isn’t that just giving it more attention?”.

Of course, that’s the point. The aim of the movement is to draw attention to the issue to pressure Twitch to find a solution.

Even if big streamers like Sodapoppin – or Asmongold – with their millions of followers don’t actively take part in #ADayOffTwitch, they’re still inadvertently talking about it on-stream.

Twitch is listening

What’s more, Twitch is listening.

It’s difficult for Twitch to be totally transparent about their solution to the hate raids issue, as this will just provide more fuel for the raiders to circumvent that solution.

However, they have stated on Twitter that they’re quietly working on it.

Streamer RekItRaven – one of the instigators of the #ADayOffTwitch movement – has stated she has a meeting with Twitch to discuss the issue personally.

And streamers like Lucia Everblack prove that marginalised streamers will not back down until a full solution has been implemented.

Turns out taking a day off Twitch to protest can actually make a difference. Who knew?

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