Epic video shows how two queens pulled off Ant and Dec’s unbelievable drag makeover

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec had fans “screaming” as they performed in drag at the end of Saturday Night Takeaway, revealing their drag personas as Angels of the North.

The duo – as Lady Antoinette and Miss Donna Lee – performed with three winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK for new charity single “We Werk Together” on their show.

Alongside The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace, Ant and Dec performed for charity The Trussell Trust wearing glittery outfits, enormous wigs, and glamorous makeup.

Ant was made over by drag queen, make-up artist and winner of BBC Three’s Glow Up, Ellis Atlantis, while Dec was painted by Drag Race icon and RuPaul’s own make-up artist, Raven.

Ellis shared the incredible makeover to her 500,000 Instagram followers, among them Michelle Visage who commented: “YOU TURNT IT,” and Cheryl Hole who wrote: “Beyond anything!! Well done diva.”

Ellis added on Twitter: “I’m sorry but this is a serve, I did the damn thing here!”

Ant and Dec revealed backstage how they made the transformation, with a makeup team gluing down their eyebrows, baking their faces, and applying makeup to turn the duo into the Angels of the North.

Their single, written for the show by Ian Masterton, music producer of Strictly Come Dancing, will be donating its proceeds to the food bank charity.

Fans adored the duo’s debut performance as Lady Antoinette and Miss Donna Lee, with one Twitter user claiming: “ANT AND DEC IN DRAG HAS ME SCREAMING”. 

Another said: “I can’t stop watching Ant and Dec doing drag, like to have two huge presenters on prime time TV celebrating drag rather that ridiculing it is so special.”

One Twitter user asked the question on everyone’s mind: “How has it taken us this long as a society to put Ant and Dec in drag?”

Another Drag Race UK star made headlines this month after they opened up about their gender on Drag Race UK vs The World. 

Blu Hydrangea, who initially graced our screens in the first season of Drag Race UK, explained: “The main thing that I struggled with with drag is that I found I put Blu first.

“She was this beautiful creature that I turned into and that was the only time that I was confident in my body.”

They added: “I was so happy as Blu that there was this, like, gender dysphoria I suppose.

“At one point I thought I was trans, I didn’t understand what was wrong with me, why I wasn’t happy with myself.

“I don’t know where I fall on it, but I know that I’m not male or female. I’m just somewhere in between.”

Blu said after the show aired: “My pronouns out of drag are he/they and in drag she/they!”