Young drag queen’s dad made epic 300-mile journey to show them how proud he was: ‘My hero’


A Northern Ireland drag queen has revealed how their father travelled 300 miles to Liverpool to watch their first ever live performance.

Alex Truesdale, 20, whose drag name is Rosebud, says they was in shock when he opened the front door to find his proud dad Simon had made the journey to support their debut.

“He arrived at my door at 10 am, I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘Why are you here?’ It was such a wholesome moment my dad being there cheering me on like he always has since day one,” Rosebud told the Liverpool Echo.

“My dad is my hero. He’s annoying and frustrates me sometimes but we always build a bridge, dry the tears and move on.

“I can tell him anything, especially since I flew the nest.”

Having grown up in an “unaccepting” environment in Northern Ireland, Rosebud says they were subjected to homophobic slurs and abuse for being “different”.

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“Coming out is a progressive series of feelings, emotions and acceptance within yourself. I feel like it was people’s perceptions of me that made me feel suffocated to tell anyone,” they told The Echo.

“I couldn’t even be myself without kids younger than me and adults being homophobic. I used to get bullied daily in school up until the moment I came out.

I finally came to the realisation that what everyone was saying was facts. I am gay and I am proud.”

Rosebud’s experiences are very different to those of some other drag performers. On a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, twins Sugar and Spice revealed their estranged relationship with their parents.

But with their dad’s encouragement and support, Rosebud has become a fully fledged queen set to take over Liverpool’s bustling LGBTQ+ nightlife scene.

“Drag helps me express how I feel in so many amazing ways,” they added.

“I would be lost without it. It’s my hobby, my passion and something that separates my boy job as a makeup artist from the crazy drag life as Rosebud.

“People think it’s the same person, but to me, it’s my safety blanket. Once I cake my face in makeup, chuck those heels on and throw a wig on I feel invincible, more so than I would as Alex.”

Having made the journey, proud dad Simon was front and centre cheering on Rosebud’s debut performance.

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