Jamie Lee Curtis’ beautiful tribute to her trans daughter is a masterclass in parenting

Jamie Lee Curtis posted a heartfelt Twitter tribute to her trans daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared a heartfelt birthday tribute to her daughter Ruby while condemning “discriminatory” anti-LGBT+ bills emerging across the United States.

The Freaky Friday and Knives Out actress revealed her 26-year-old daughter Ruby Guest is trans last year, also announcing that she would be officiating her wedding.

Posting a photo of herself in a t-shirt bearing the trans flag, Curtis tweeted: “Happy birthday Ruby. I am proud 2 be your mother.

“Am sending support 2 all trans families across the US targeted by conservative legislatures & I VOW 2 use my freedom of speech 2 SUPPORT my child & ALL trans children trying 2 live FREELY as who they are.”

Curtis added in an Instagram post: “This country was founded on freedom. A profoundly simple idea that everyone living here should be free to dream and achieve what they want freely…

“Now politicians are proposing that parents providing gender-affirming care for THEIR OWN children are felons and deserve prison time. These laws are discriminatory, unjust, and anti-American. Freedom of expression includes gender expression!”

Guest, a computer gaming editor, replied to the tweet highlighting how much Curtis has “supported me” since she came out as trans.

“My mom has supported me all the way since I came out as trans. I love her so much,” Ruby said.

“There are allies everywhere for the trans community. You just need to look for them. And we will stand by your side for the long run.”

Jamie Lee Curtis told AARP Magazine how she and husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby” when she came out in July 2021.

Her daughter coming out as trans helped challenge what Curtis described as “old ideas about gender” and realise that gender isn’t necessarily fixed – it is in “constant metamorphosis”.

Jamie Lee Curtis referenced a campaign by Texas governor Greg Abbott in her Instagram post, which aims to punish the parents of trans children for requesting puberty blockers or hormone therapy.

The lawmaker recently referred to puberty blockers as “child abuse”, beginning an effort along with Texas attorney general Ken Paxton to limit trans youth from accessing gender-affirming medical care.

Together, Abbott and Paxton ordered the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to “conduct prompt and thorough investigations of any reported instances of Texas children being subjected to abusive gender-transitioning procedures”.

Chase Strangio, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, said: “Families across Texas are being investigated and care is being halted.

“It is a disaster. They are trying to stop kids from being trans – but you can’t make us not trans, you can only make us not alive.”