Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett marries love of his life Jaymes Vaughan in ‘dream’ beach wedding

Side by side images of Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett swinging on the beach and embracing on stage

Mean Girls icon Jonathan Bennett married his partner Jaymes Vaughan in a gorgeous beachside wedding in Mexico. 

Bennett, best known for playing heartthrob Aaron Samuels, shared the grool news with fans on Monday (21 March).

The actor shared a photo to Instagram of the newlyweds looking handsome and totally in love while wearing black tuxedos, surrounded by their loved ones. He captioned the post, “Mr & Mr Bennett Vaughan”. 


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Jonathan Bennett’s husband Jaymes Vaughan, who hosts the entertainment TV show Celebrity Page, followed suit with a romantic note on Twitter.

“Happily ever after really does exist,” Vaughan wrote. “All because I found you. And all because we are now and forever will be US.”

Speaking exclusively to People, the couple confirmed they were surrounded by their closest friends and family during their destination wedding on Saturday (19 March) at the Unico Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico.

Vaughan shared that it can be difficult to find a wedding space “when you’re part of the LGBTQ+ fam”. Last year, the couple revealed how they were denied their dream venue when its owner refused them because they’re gay.

“The whole purpose of our wedding is to come together and join the two of us together, join our families together and start a new family,” Vaughan said.

“And all that, as we were going through this process, we realised that our wedding is also more than just about us,” Bennett added. “It’s about the entire community.”

The couple met each other at the altar after walking up from the beach to a song that Vaughan wrote for Bennett when they got engaged

They included a loving tribute to Bennett’s late mother, honouring her with white roses and asking guests to wear white. Bennett and Vaughan finished the night with a firework display set to The Greatest Showman soundtrack – which is as cute as it is camp. 

Jonathan Bennett told People that it was a “dream wedding”, and he had to pinch himself because the day seemed so “perfect”.

“We kept having to stop and remind ourselves that we weren’t on a movie set, but this was actually our real life,” Bennett said. “If you had told me this was one of my Hallmark movie sets, I would have believed it.”

Vaughan shared that both men were overwhelmed with emotions on the day, adding that Bennett cried during the ceremony. 

“Seeing him crying only made me cry harder, and then our guests cry harder, and then we’d all start laughing, and then all back into crying,” Vaughan said.