Lil Nas X teases absurd plan for Montero world tour: ‘You’re joking but this would be incredible’

Lil Nas X in a mesh crop top surrounded by dancers

Lil Nas X sent fans into a frenzy when he said that he wants children’s music group The Wiggles to co-headline his upcoming Long Live Montero Tour.

Following a string of collaborations with superstars such as Megan Thee Stallion, Elton John and Miley Cyrus, it seems the “Industry Baby” hitmaker is already eyeing his next musical partnership.

“Trying really hard to get The Wiggles to co-headline the tour with me,” he tweeted on Wednesday (27 April). “I will keep you guys updated.”

A series of excited tweets followed as Lil Nas X fans welcomed the prospect of a crossover with the Australian group known for their performances of child-friendly songs and nursery rhymes.

Creator and entertainer Ethan Nestor-Darling responded to the “Old Town Road” singer’s tweet, saying: “I know you’re joking but this would be f**king incredible”.

The Wiggles seemed enthused at the offer, tweeting: “We’re ready to wiggle with you!” in response to Lil Nas X.

The longest serving member of The Wiggles, Anthony Field, also replied to Lil Nas X, tweeting: “The Big Red Car is packed and ready mate! Let’s Wiggle!”

Lil Nas X continued the joke, tweeting that he would be supporting The Wiggles on tour.


Lil Nas X announced his first concert tour earlier this week.

He revealed the news with a clip on social media, welcoming fans to “my world, my universe” where “everyone’s allowed, except gay people”.

The Long Live Montero Tour will commence on 6 September with one date confirmed for London.

The star has proven his performance chops over the past year with a series of magnetic awards show appearances.

The most recent came at the Grammys, which saw Lil Nas X perform a medley of his biggest hits.

Sadly, he walked away empty handed from the ceremony, despite having been nominated for five awards.