Lesbian couple reunited by court in India after being ‘abducted’ by parents

A lesbian couple has been reunited by an Indian court ruling after forcefully being kept apart by parents.

The Kerala High Court ruled on Tuesday (May 31) that Fathima Noora and Adhila Nassrin can live together after Nassrin filed a habeas corpus plea.

According to the plea, Nassrin, 23, met Noora, 22, when they were both students in Saudi Arabia.

After years together they told their families about their relationship in May.

Their parents refused to allow them to live together, and so they both took refuge at Vanaja Collective, an LGBTQ+ shelter in Kozhikode which aims to “identify, create, and establish a space for marginalised communities.”

It attempts to tackle things like conversion therapy, violence against women, and general discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals.

“On May 19, I reached Kozhikode and met Fathima,” Nassrin said in a petition filed in the court. “For some days, we lived at a shelter home in Kozhikode, but the police intervened when relatives traced them at the place.”

They eventually agree to accompany Nassrin’s parents back home after promises not to harm them were made. However, a few days later, Noora’s family allegedly took her away.

Nassrin took to the court to deal with the matter. Appearing on Tuesday (31 May), Noora emphasised her want to be with her partner. According to reports, the court ruled in favour of the lesbian couple within a few minutes.

“It was tough and drained us emotionally,” Nassrin said to The Quint. “We got a lot of support from people from the LGBTQ+ community. With the Kerala High Court order, we are happy and free.”

Despite this, Nassrin says that they are still fearful of their family who “are still threatening us”.