Beyoncé fans think a Renaissance Tour announcement is coming soon after a Ticketmaster update

Beyoncé fans think a Renaissance Tour announcement is coming soon.

Beyoncé fans think that a Renaissance Tour announcement is coming soon and they’re ready to get their bank accounts in formation.

This is because a Ticketmaster page has been discovered which has the title ‘Beyoncé 2022-2023’.

A fan page on Twitter, named @B7Album posted the screenshot from Ticketmaster, leading to fans getting very excited about possible tour dates.

They said, “Ticketmaster UK has created a page for “Beyonce 2022-2023″ with no dates announced yet” to their 17,000 followers.

Although no tour dates have been announced, the Ticketmaster page entitled ‘Beyonce Tickets | 2022-23 Tour & Concert Dates’ is live on the UK edition of the ticket website.

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It’s official link is, and now fans think a tour announcement is imminent.

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The replies from the Beyhive included, “welp let me get my coins ready” and “oh I’m going to be poor”.

Another said: “i’m not ready for the hard currency that is required to be exchanged in order to get here… “

One excited fan replied “GET UP GET UP”, with another, more pessimistic response said, “get down nothing has been announced”.

Other fans are hoping it’s a world tour and not just the UK and North America, with one commenting: “MISS MA’AM PLEASE INCLUDE PORTUGAL IN THE TOUR. DONT MAKE ME FLY OUT TO ENGLAND!!!!!!”

Some other replies included, “LETS GO”, “THE FEAR THAT THIS BRINGS” and “audibly screaming”.

Another referenced the track “PURE/HONEY” from the album, saying: “she warned us – ‘get your money, money, cunty, hunty'”.

Below you can find out everything we know so far, which we’ll update as more news comes of a Beyoncé tour.

When will Beyoncé announce a Renaissance tour?

Fans are desperate for a tour announcement following the release of Renaissance.

There’s already been a number of rumours on social media about tour dates dropping soon, but the singer is yet to reveal any official news.

You can sign up to alerts on the likes of Ticketmaster and Live Nation, while Beyoncé’s Instagram and official website will also be the first to update fans.

Her last tour was On the Run Tour II alongside Jay-Z, which saw them both perform in stadiums across Europe and North America.

Due to demand and the singer’s huge popularity it’s likely that she’ll headline stadiums once again for the Renaissance Tour.

Where will be Beyoncé tickets be on sale?

Once the tour is announced tickets will be available from official sellers including Ticketmaster.

The UK website already has a Beyoncé page at, that will be updated following any tour news.

Tickets for the tour will also likely be available from for US fans.

What are the Renaissance World Tour dates?

These are the latest dates for Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, including the newly announced shows.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance honours queer and trans trailblazers

Beyoncé’s latest album is a love letter to the Black LGBTQ+ community, with the singer dedicating the album to her late uncle Johnny, “the most fabulous gay man” she knew, who served as inspiration for the project.

The album’s dedication section reads: “Thank you to all of the pioneers who originate culture, to all of the fallen angels whose contributions have gone unrecognised for far too long.”

In the album booklet for Renaissance, she also emulates the iconic fashion of the ballroom.

As pointed out by fans, her glitzy gold outfit is a clear reference to the legendary Pepper LeBejia, while her demure leather black corset look has drawn parallels to Octavia St. Laurent, both stars of the film Paris Is Burning.

Queer fans have praised Beyoncé’s attention to the rich history and structure of ballroom culture evident in songs such as “Heated”, “Pure/Honey”, “Summer Renaissance” and “THIQUE”.

“This is how you do a ballroom-inspired song!!! See what happens when you actually involve the people that know what they’re doing? The placement of the crashes, the synergy between the samples and Beyoncé’s singing, the understanding of the structure of ballroom music,” one person wrote.

Renaissance sees the pop icon collaborate with and sample Black artists across genres and time, including Black trans DJ pioneer, Honey Dijon and ’90s drag artist Moi Renee.