Beverley Knight dedicates Sister Act performance to trans friend in emotional video

Beverley Knight attends the press night after party for "Sister Act: The Musical" at St Paul's Centre in London, England.

Beverley Knight shared a powerful message of trans solidarity before going onstage to perform in Sister Act: The Musical.

The “Shoulda Woulda Coulda” singer posted a video on Twitter shortly before going on stage to perform, where she explained how a song in Sister Act: The Musical overwhelmed her with feelings of solidarity for the trans community.

“So I’m about to go on stage for the second show of the day,” Knight said.

“My friend Nate and his mum came to the [show] which was fabulous and when I was singing the song “Sister Act” in act two, I felt really, really – just suddenly – overcome with emotion because the words talk about having solidarity with the people who you care about.

“Knowing that my mate, Nate, was out there, who, with his mum, has been through some really tough times as a trans man of colour, I was singing specifically to him.”

In a heartfelt declaration of allyship, Knight continued, saying: “I just want all my lovely friends to know, you know, gay, straight, trans, white, Black, brown, whatever, that I will be a sister with you no matter what – that’s so important to me.”

“But particularly my trans friends who right now find life really really tough, I’ll always be a big sister,” Knight concluded, as she began to well up.

The outpouring of love and support from the message was abundant and followers were left emotional.

One said: “What a wonderful statement, thank you so much, this means a lot”, while another said: “Thank you for speaking up for people who, right now especially, really need people on their side, thank you! The QUEEN of UK Soul!

“In a world of JK Rowlings, be a Beverley Knight,” they continued.

“THIS is a brilliant message of support for all trans and other LGBTQ+ people from Beverley. And in my experience, despite what the [gender critics] try to tell us, this is what the majority of women believe too,” another said.

Beverly Knight is performing in Sister Act: The Musical in London’s West End. She plays Deloris Van Cartier – made famous by Whoopi Goldberg – a Disco diva who finds herself in protective custody with a convent after witnessing a murder. The show also features BAFTA Award-winner Jennifer Saunders and Tony Award-nominated actress Keala Settle.