Anti-trans activist Posie Parker wants to stand as an MP against Eddie Izzard to ‘obliterate gender’

A graphic showing anti-trans activist Posie Parker on the left wearing an 'adult human female' t-shirt and on the right is an image showing trans activists holding a sign saying "Stand by your trans"

Anti-trans lobbyist Kellie-Jay Keen, known by alias Posie Parker, has said she will run against Eddie Izzard as an MP for Sheffield.

Izzard, a long-time Labour Party donor and campaigner, has confirmed she will be running for the Sheffield Central seat at the next general election.

Speaking during a livestream on Thursday (22 September), Keen, who recently held a disastrous rally in Brighton for her group Standing for Women, said: “I have every intention of running against Eddie Izzard, wherever [she] may be, as an independent, somebody who wants to talk about this specific issue.

“So, I will be running, I’m very excited about that, I think this is something that we can do. I think this is something we can do wherever we are, and I think if you want to run under the political banner of Standing for Women, I’ll be most happy.”

‘We’re going to obliterate the word “gender”‘

Keen continued, saying she would “campaign on the basis of repealing the Gender Recognition Act (GRA)” and said she intended to “erase the word ‘gender'”.

“We’re going to totally obliterate the word ‘gender’. We are going to make sure the word woman is only used for women. Very, very simple. We’re going to basically unearth this crap from its very foundation.

She said that she doesn’t expect Standing for Women to “flood the House of Commons with loads of MPs”, but said: “We expect to dominate conversation. We expect to have our views taken seriously. We expect to be sitting next to candidates who’ve said stupid things, like ‘some men have cervixes’. We’re gonna do that, we’re gonna force the conversation out into the open.

“Biological sex is going to be important and gender is going to be something that we all feel a little embarrassed that we ever used. Because what is it? What a stupid, stupid idea.”

Bizarrely, she added: “We need to be the ones to run against the likes of Eddie Izzard, or even Keir Starmer, I’ll take him on any day of the week.”

Posie Parker thinks Tucker Carlson is ‘an intelligent, really lovely man’

Posie Parker spent much of the livestream promoting her own merchandise, and confirming that she would not be boycotting PayPal over its withdrawal of services from the anti-LGBTQ+ Free Speech Union, declaring: “We love money.”

She added: “We love money that sounds nice, we love money that rattles, we love money that folds, we love all of it… A lot of people actually get merch on PayPal, so am I boycotting? No I’m not.”

However, she did take a break from talking about how much she loved money to criticise the hijab as “atrocious” and a “tool of oppression”, and to describe far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson as “an intelligent, really lovely, welcoming, warmly welcoming man”.

Posie Parker has been contacted by PinkNews for comment.