Suzy Eddie Izzard and Misfits’ Nathan Stewart-Jarrett star in queer crime series Culprits

Suzy Eddie (left) Izzard and Misfits' Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (right) in the trailer for Culprits

Suzy Eddie Izzard and Misfits star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett lead Hulu and Disney+’s action-packed queer crime series Culprits.

The series – which will air on Hulu and the US and arrives on Disney+ in the UK in December – follows the story of Joe Petrus (Stewart-Jarrett), a former criminal whose suburban life with his fiancé Jules (Kevin Vidal) and step-children is shattered when his dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

The eight-episode thriller comes from Stephen Garrett (The Night Manager) and filmmaker J Blakeson (I Care A Lot) and also stars Gemma Arterton, Niamh Algar and Ned Dennehy.

The official synopsis reads: “Three years ago, Joe was recruited by notorious British criminal Dianne Harewood (Gemma Arterton) to join her crew and take part in a high-stakes crime – one that promised to make Joe rich and provide him with a brand-new life.

“And now, his dangerous past is about to catch up with him. When a killer starts targeting the crew behind the crime, Joe realises that the only way to keep his family safe is to return to London, make contact with his old gang, and track down Dianne.”

The two minute trailer, released on Tuesday (24 October), kicks off as it means to go one with Joe driving himself and a terrified police officer into a disastrous car crash.

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We then skip forward to Joe’s new family life in the US, when he suddenly receives a call from an old accomplice, who informs him that their former crew is slowly being picked off by a mystery killer.

Suzy Eddie Izzard in mystery role as Vincent.
Suzy Eddie Izzard in mystery role as Vincent. (Disney+)

As he fights to stop his relationship with Jules imploding, it soon becomes a race against time to save his and his loved ones.

“If we fight, we die. If we run, we die,” one person dramatically proclaims.

The trailer ends on our first glimpse of Suzy Eddie Izzard’s mysterious Vincent. “Coffee? I’d like a coffee, do you wanna coffee?” they say.

All episodes of Culprits arrives on Disney+ on 8 November, 2023.