House of the Dragon deleted scene reveals Daemon Targaryen is bisexual

Daemon Targaryen whispers to a male servant in House of the Dragon

A House of the Dragon deleted scene has revealed that Daemon Targaryen is officially bisexual.

During a banquet scene in the Game of Thrones prequel’s sixth episode, rumours were sparked by a moment full of sexual tension between Daemon and a male servant.

The seconds-long interaction saw some seductive whispering, but when HBO revealed a deleted scene this week, eagle-eyed fans noticed a detail that confirmed that “Daemon Targaryen is a bisexual king”.

The Twitter account “Out of Context House of the Dragon” posted a still from the deleted scene, which showed Daemon and the same servant in soft focus in the background having an intense make-out session.

“Daemon Targaryen being canonically bisexual,” tweeted one overjoyed fam. “I won so hard.”

Another said: “So the bi rumours are true?! Daemon you chaotic bisexual king!”

A third fan wrote on Twitter: “Daemon? Bisexual? When I thought my prince couldn’t get any hotter.”

The revelation adds to the endless queer drama of the show, with the fifth episode seeing Princess Rhaenyra marry her gay cousin Laenor, while his lover Ser Joffrey Lonmouth tragically dies at their wedding.

The sixth episode, from which Daemon’s same-sex kiss was cut, saw the show take a huge 10-year jump forwards, putting Rhaenyra and Laenor a decade into their marriage with three children.

While some criticised House of the Dragon for killing off a queer character, other praised Rhaenyra and Laenor’s progressive family when it became clear that the three children had been fathered by Ser Harwin Strong.

“Rhaenyra created a nice modern family with her gay husband and pioneered sperm donation,” tweeted one fan.

“Instead of thanking her for carrying on the Targaryen line, everybody hating. Just ungrateful.”

Later, Rhaenyra invites Laenor’s new lover, Sir Qarl Correy, to their home in Dragonstone, cementing her position as a true ally.

House of the Dragon airs on Sunday at 9pm on Sky.