Drag Race UK fan in tears as Dakota Schiffer shares gender journey: ‘So lovely and important’

Dakota and Sminty have an emotional talk in Drag Race UK. (BBC)

RuPauls’s Drag Race UK fans were left teary eyed and emotional after a rollercoaster second episode of season four.

In Thursday’s (29 September) episode of Drag Race UK saw another queen sashay away, RuPeter badges handed out like candy and Dakota Schiffer share her emotional backstory.

During the episode, Dakota – the first trans woman to compete on the UK version of Drag Race – spoke about the special bond she has with her queer and non-binary identical twin.

“We were both bullied very severely,” Dakota said.

“Those experiences from childhood is such a dark time, I’ve got such bad memories about them.”

She spoke about how hard school years were for her, but how her twin was always there for her.

“But they are not too dark because I knew that everyday leaving school my best friend would be walking home with me.

“They have been there through everything. We’ve helped each other through every major trauma and event in our lives. We came out as queer the same age at 15, together.”

Viewers shared how touched they were, with one person saying: “I’m so glad they’ve given a big chunk of this episode to Dakota discussing her coming out journey as a trans woman and her twin’s coming out as queer and NB.

“So lovely and important for those positive stories to be given space.”

Dakota wowed with her Pokemon inspired runway look to the point where the official Pokémon account itself tweeted a pic in adoration.

Others shared their love for Black Peppa who continued to stun in this episode and hit the runway with a spectacular neon yellow look.

Joining the judging line-up this week was singer FKA Twigs who ended up developing a special bond with Baby during a classic girl group challenge, where the group was split into teams of six and five.


But bonding with FKA twigs wasn’t enough to help Baby’s team (lead by Black Peppa) secure a win, and it was Dakota’s girls who snatched victory.

RuPaul handed out six RuPeter badges to the winning team, much to viewers’ confusion – not least, the eternally badgeless Cheryl Hole.

And in this week’s runway challenge, the queens took to the runway to dazzle the judges under the theme “neon nights” which, of course, delivered some iconic looks.

After a chaotic lip-sync for your life between Starlet and Jonbers Blonde to Sugababes’ “About You Now”, Starlet was booted out.

Starlet bid her farewells with a typically laid-back final line to Ru: “Thank you for making my dream come true and now I need to go and find another one.”

So with two queen’s gone the race to be crown UK’s ultimate queen continues. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs on Thursday at 9pm on BBC Three and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.