Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky announces she’s engaged: ‘I’m honoured to feel unconditional love’

Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky poses with fiance Hailey Jo Jenson as she announces their engagement

Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky took to social media to share the joyful news that she’s engaged, saying the “greatest blessing in life is real love”. 

Blonsky, who is best known for her breakthrough role as Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 film adaptation of iconic musical Hairspray, announced that she’s engaged to Hailey Jo Jenson and showed off their rings in an adorable photoshoot posted on Instagram. 

The actress wrote that she’s “played plenty of characters in love” throughout her career, but the “greatest blessing” in her love is to be able to “finally feel unconditional love”. 

“I’ve played plenty of characters in love in my life and it has been a blessing, but the greatest blessing in life is real love, true love and I am honoured to finally feel unconditional love, and a love that is pure,” Blonsky wrote. 

She continued: “A while back I introduced to you all a stunning human [Jenson] as my girlfriend and now I have the honour, privilege and greatest joy of calling this incredible person my fiancé! 

“I am so incredibly in love with you [Jenson] and my love for you is endless, you mean everything to me! Here’s to FOREVER my love!!!”


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Nikki Blonsky came out to the world in 2020 in a truly iconic way – by lip-syncing and dancing to Diana Ross’ hit “I’m Coming Out” in a wonderful TikTok video

She shared a touching Pride Month message with fans this year in which she went public about her loving relationship with Jenson. Blonsky gushed that Jenson makes her “heart sing” and is the “one who makes [her] the happiest gal on the planet”. 

“I love everything about Hailey but one of my absolute favourite parts about being Hailey’s girlfriend is I get to be around their stunningly creative mind everyday,” Blonsky wrote. 

Jenson also celebrated the couple’s engagement with an equally sweet post on Instagram, saying that “love is a state of being” that they wanted to share with Blonsky. 

“This is the moment, the reality and lifetime that I want to exist in,” they said. “The one where I can experience life, while loving you.”

Nikki Blonsky smiles at the camera while wearing a black outfit

Nikki Blonsky described her coming out journey as a “process of growing up and learning” about herself. (Getty)

Nikki Blonsky spoke on Allison Interviews about her coming out journey and why it’s “different for everybody”.  

“I have a friend from middle school that came out at the age of 12. I came out at 30,” she said. “It’s different for everybody, and it’s a different timeline for everybody.”

She continued: “Everyone has different circumstances whether it be religious, whether it be family, whether it be fear of acceptance from both of those things – their religion and their family – or work.

“There’s a million things that goes into thinking about yourself 

Blonsky always knew she was “different” but initially “thought that was the actor’s side” of her life. She explained it was a “process of growing up and learning” about herself that helped her realise she’d been living her life to “make other people happy”.