PinkNews proudly partners with trailblazing group Trans in the City

A graphic of PinkNews' collaboration with Trans in The City

PinkNews is proud to announce a three-year media partnership with Trans in the City to further bolster the LGBTQ+ awareness it brings to the global business industry.

The organisation aims to use the voices, resources and dynamics of more than 250 business organisations and enterprises to further the inclusion of trans people in business.

Since being founded in 2017, Trans in the City has helped educate some of the world’s leading organisations on the importance of gender diversity in the workplace while working with charities such as Mermaids and Stonewall.

PinkNews is happy to bring its expertise to help push the envelope on workplace visibility with its first-ever multi-year exclusive media partnership.

It aims to support Trans in the City by bringing editorial and social content to PinkNews‘ 100 million monthly global users, beginning with the annual Trans in the City Gala on Monday 14 November 2022.

The annual event aims to shine a light on inspiring stories of success, including six award categories for trans organisations and activists that have gone above and beyond for gender inclusivity.

It also includes a day event filled with educational workshops, speeches and stalls run by Trans in the City directors and sponsors.

Trans in the City CEO Bobbi Pickard said: “Trans in the City was formed five years ago to raise trans and non-binary awareness in global and UK business, to tell the truth about trans and non-binary people, to celebrate their successes and show how they are a valuable part of our society.

PinkNews is the voice of our community at a time when so much of the media spreads misdirection and mistruths about us – that’s why I’m so glad and excited to be collaborating with them as our media partner to bring the truth to a wider audience.”

PinkNews CEO Benjamin Cohen said: “Trans rights have been increasingly targeted by traditional media and used by the UK’s political parties since 2019. The current government’s decision to continue to exclude conversion therapy for trans people within the Gender Recognition Act only fuels hatred and a false narrative, one of which PinkNews wholeheartedly rejects.

“Our aim is to inform our audience, inspire change and empower people to be themselves,” he added. “Trans in the City is an important organisation which is rightly leading the way in providing a supportive community for those currently marginalised and educating trans inclusivity in the workplace.”

Tickets for the Trans in the City Gala are available now.