Paloma Faith feels like she’s been an ‘honorary gay’ her whole life

Paloma Faith attends the Dangerous Liaisons New York premiere

Paloma Faith has said she feels like she’s been an “honorary gay” her entire life, and described herself as “always in drag”.

The multi-award-winning singer and actor headlined Brighton Pride this year, and has been an outspoken LGBTQ+ ally for all of her career.

Speaking to Metro about her affinity with the queer community, she said: “We can put all that into some twos and twos together and realise that I’m just always in drag.

“I came out of that circuit, I performed in all the London haunts, I started in cabaret, I was doing all lip-synching nights.

“I just recently got presented with the Attitude Honorary Gay Award, but I feel like I’ve been an honorary gay my whole life.

“It’s not necessarily something that I forced, it just is. It’s just my personality. It’s me.”

Paloma Faith stars in the upcoming series Dangerous Liaisons

In recent years, Paloma Faith has shown the world her talent for acting as well as music, and is set to star in the upcoming TV series Dangerous Liaisons. 

But the most special moments of her career have involved the LGBTQ+ community, she said.

Faith has previously said headlining Brighton Pride was her “career highlight”, and described her disbelief when she was asked to perform: “When I met the guy who runs the festival and chooses everyone, I was like, ‘Why me?’ But hopefully, I didn’t disappoint.”

She continued: “I keep saying it was the best moment of my career, probably a time when I needed it the most… This feeling of being embraced by what I would feel was my community because I often feel going out into the commercial world that I always feel a bit of an outsider and a bit alien.

“But when I go into Pride, I don’t, I feel like I’m with my people. It feels wonderful to be accepted, it’s like being in school and wanting to be in with the cool kids and they love you back.”