Leslie Jordan made over friends’ home in one selfless final act: ‘What an amazing person’

Leslie Jordan standing in front of balloons

Leslie Jordan surprised two of his closest friends with a home makeover in one of his final TV appearances.

The late comedian and all-round joy will appear in an episode of Canadian show Celebrity IOU on 14 November, which will show him helping to renovate the home of two of his closest friends, Newell and Rosemary.

Newell and Rosemary were friends with Jordan for over 40 years, and helped to kick start his career when he moved to Los Angeles in the ‘80s. In one last selfless act, the renovation was his way of giving back to them.

Jordan tragically died aged 67 at the end of October, after suffering a medical emergency and crashing his car in Hollywood.

In a preview of the episode, posted on Leslie Jordan’s official TikTok account, he is seen dancing and laughing as he gets to work, before beaming as he tells his friends: “I have a surprise.”


Make sure you catch Leslie on @hgtv for the season premier of Celebrity IOU, November 14th at 9/8c.

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The show sees celebrities work alongside Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott to renovate the home of someone they love. 

Speaking to Access, the Scott brothers said that Leslie had “such a big heart” and was “such a loving person”.

“He had so much love for Rosemary and Newell…he wanted to do anything he could to give them the perfect home,” said Drew Scott.

“Every day he was on set renovating that house with us, he would sit with different people from our crew, he met everybody, he knew everybody by name, and he was hearing their stories and sharing their stories.

That just goes to show what an amazing person he is.”

Leslie Jordan was known for his big personality and even bigger heart. (Getty/Jason Kempin)

“As soon as Leslie walks on set, everyone lights up,” added Jonathan Scott. “This was such an emotional renovation just because of that relationship to Rosemary and Newell that Leslie had. Now, watching the episode and moving forward, it’s going to be doubly emotional just because of the tragedy.”

In addition to his appearance on Celebrity IOU, Jordan is set to make his final appearance as a guest panelist on the US version of The Masked Singer on Wednesday (9 November).

In his final interview before his death, he spoke about his brilliant yet “unexpected” career and upbringing.

His sad death prompted an outpouring of tributes from stars including Dolly Parton and Cardi B.

Jordan will guest star in the season’s premiere episode of Celebrity IOU, set to air on 14 November on HGTV Canada.